JavaScript Specialist Certification for Your Employee?

JavaScript is an essential programming language designed not only for widespread use by individuals on the Internet, but within a business network and local programming. As your company grows, the need to develop business specific applications becomes more and more necessary. Business network specific programming makes it possible to boost productivity while identifying ways to improve the way your company does business.

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SharePoint Certification: Which One is Right for My Business?

SharePoint is a valuable addition to Microsoft Office. By allowing members of your business to work together over an Internet connection, it improves productivity and ensures you can complete a variety of tasks, even if certain key employees are not physically present. Having an IT staff member on hand with SharePoint certification could prove valuable to how you run your business.

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Presentation Tips for Business Professionals

Putting on an excellent business presentation can often be the difference between signing a new client and missing out on a major opportunity. However, most employees do not have actual presentation training. They may have used PowerPoint and similar presentation programs while in business school, or they could have even learned a thing or two during a Microsoft Office certification course.

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