What Business Skills are Important for My Employees?

When you hire new employees, you want them possess a diverse variety of skills. While employees with unique abilities can go a long way in your company, there are also some skills that you will want all your employees to have. These skills are essential for producing quality work across numerous fields and levels of expertise. If you want to improve communication and probleem solving around the office, here are a very skills every employee could brush up on!

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What is Six Sigma Certification?

The fast pace at which the world is changing has had a major effect on how businesses operate. For one, globalization has contributed to the sharp growth of companies around the world. This phenomenon increased the customer base of companies, boosted revenues and resulted in large corporations. With so many people and processes to manage, this is where the Six Sigma method comes in.

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Is CompTIA Linux+ Worth It?

When reviewing various IT certifications for your employees, you might be wondering; which ones are really worth it and which ones are just nice pieces of paper to hang on the wall? This, of course, all depends on what you need someone certified for. If you run a Linux system throughout your entire company and you need someone to help manage it, it manages absolute sense to help one of your employees become certified in Linux. Is this certification right for your company? Let's take a better look.

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