What Can you Do with a Project Management Certification?

Time. Cost. Scope.

In the world of project management, they represent three variables that can mean the difference between success, failure, and something in between.

They are often referred to as the "Triple Constraint," because every project must be completed within the boundaries of its deadline, stated budget, and agreed-upon tasks required to achieve the its goal. Whether or not it succeeds depends on how well its manager is able to maneuver among each variable.

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What is the PMP Certification Good for in IT Career Fields?

PMP® (project management professional) certification is among the top in-demand project management certifications for 2019. Attaining PMP certification is considered the most comprehensive standard by which project management knowledge is measured. The certification is rigorous, demanding, and students gain experience with real-world applications.

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How Can a Project Manager Add Value to a Business with a PMP?

As an employer, you want your staff to reach their full potential and strive to help make the company better and better. One way to accomplish this is to make sure the person handling all of your projects and overseeing your developments, the project manager, is properly trained. The Project Management Professional Certification from PMI is a popular certification for a variety of reasons. Let's take a look at just a few of them.

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How Valuable is a PMP Certification for Project Managers?

Nowadays, project managers are an important part of any business whether small or large. A project manager will help your organization to get the highest possible returns while using minimum resources. Additionally, a project manager will help cut overhead costs while increasing the productivity of other employees.

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What is PMP Certification Training: Is it Worth it for my Employees?

A PMP is a project management professional. These professionals have the ability to coordinate and lead a project in order to meet a company’s or client’s goals. They don’t necessarily have to be certified to be a project manager; PMP qualities can be found in every organization and on every team. Traits of project managers include:

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What can you do with a PMP in your Office?

Project management is more than just keeping a project on track and in the black. It requires knowing how to manage all the parts and people that go into making a project a success. Individuals who have secured a Program Management Professional (PMP®) certification have a demonstrated ability to manage multiple, complex projects simultaneously. If you are looking to add an invaluable certification to your management teams, this is one that will open all the doors to a bright future for your company.

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What is a Project Management Professional?

A Project Management Professional - or PMP - is a highly sought after career designation certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This professional has gone through standardized methodologies to become certified in project management. After earning the certification, they are considered specialists crucial in the selection, execution, and completion of business projects.

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Risk Management Certification Through PMI: Is it Right for Your Business?

According to a recent survey, the cost of failed projects can increase quickly, especially if you consider that one in every three projects is deemed as a failed project by stakeholders and project sponsors. The PMI risk management certification aims at improving such situations by recognizing and addressing potential risks throughout the project in order to increase the likelihood of the project's success.

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