Changes to the CCNA Exam 2020: What Will My Employees Need to Know?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam encompasses a wide range of technical specializations. These certifications, which are offered worldwide, are industry standards that are in demand year after year. Throughout the IT industry, the CCNA certification is valued by organizations for its ability to verify a job candidate's competency in technical work.

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CCNA Certification: Which Concentration Should My Employee Train For?

Cisco allows the creation of custom networks and intranets. These programs facilitate communications between coworkers in various geographical locations across mid-sized to large organizations. CCNA certifications validate and quantify the skills and experience of technicians who design and maintain Cisco-based systems.

What are some of the different concentrations for CCNA certifications? What are its benefits? How can managers decide which certification is best for their employees?

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CCNA Cloud: Is this the Right Certification for your Employee?

Cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of enterprise IT and has taken over most of the functions that were traditionally handled by centralized servers. It has become a core competency of all types and sizes of businesses. Cloud computing can no longer be denigrated as “shadow IT” or dismissed as a domain for startups or SMBs. As such, all businesses must be ready to have and manage cloud-based applications.

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CCNP Training Courses for Your Employees Ready to Learn New Skills

Obtaining CCNP certification is a way to substantiate advanced knowledge and skills in computer networking. Those obtaining Cisco certifications show that they have received the best training in the industry.

The technology field is growing and is poised for further growth as we come to depend more and more on computers, digital devices and the benefits they bring to our everyday life.

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CCDP Certification: Are Your Employees Ready to Become Network Design Professionals?

As networks continue to evolve, you will need professionals that have the knowledge and skills to manage and maintain them. Your seasoned IT professionals need advanced end-to-end network design proficiency to ensure that your networks deliver the current network requirements while future proofing your investments.

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CCNP Security Prerequisites: What Do Your Employees Need?

Technical skills don’t last forever. In fact, results of a recent study indicated that most skills would become outdated within 2 to 3 years or even less depending on the technology. This is why employee certification is necessary to ensure that your staff keeps up with the recent technology. If your employees don’t keep up with the ever-changing technology, the costs to your business can be disastrous.

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CCDP Prerequisites: How Can You Prepare Employees for High-Level Cisco Certifications?

Now is the right time to upgrade your employee's skills with a certificate that is recognized all over the world. The Cisco Certified Design Professional or CCDP is meant for employees who have the responsibility of designing and creating advanced network systems. Your employees will gain more knowledge and experience to help them respond more efficiently to your client’s requirements or to troubleshoot common workplace problems with ease.

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Cisco Cybersecurity Training: Which Certification Suits Your Business Needs?

The IT field is highly dynamic and always changing. As the industry continues to evolve, new types of certifications are cropping up. Because of the numerous Cisco certifications, specialization, and certification paths, it is easy to get confused about the right certifications for your employees.

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