A Pioneer and the Legacy She Leaves Behind

The Passing of Infotec/Dale Carnegie President Ann Perry

Ann Perry was many things, a pioneer in the IT profession, a wife, mother, and advocate for animal adoption, but many who crossed paths with this dynamic leader never knew she was also fighting a daily battle with cancer. They never knew because she was relentlessly upbeat. After successfully combatting the disease for many years, Ann, the President of Infotec/Dale Carnegie passed away on February 20, 2021.

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Leadership Training for Managers: How Can You Improve your Work?

Why do some organizations lurch from disaster to disaster, while others strive to achieve great things? Why do senior managers in some organizations create detailed strategies only to have them ignored, while those in other organizations manage to mobilize their entire staff to carry out their plans?

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Leadership Training for Employees: The Future Managers of Your Company!

Leadership skills play an essential role when it comes to the operational viability of businesses. The same applies to the professional development of talented individuals. Many companies, especially small entities tend to promote individuals into leadership roles without providing relevant skills development. Fortunately, the popularity of management and leadership training programs is gaining momentum.

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