CWSP Certification to Improve Wi-Fi Security in Your Business

With the rise of internet use in both corporate and personal settings, the need for network security is at an all-time high. Indeed, hackers are taking advantage of vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi network to access sensitive data. From transaction records to customer information (such as names and addresses), experiencing unauthorized access to your company’s information could result in significant damages.

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) is a certification process that ensures network professionals have the skills and expertise to keep your business secure. This certification is primarily tailored towards wireless systems and it tests an employee’s ability to detect and prevent attacks before they occur.

Your business can benefit in many different ways by hiring CWSP-certified personnel. From averting data security threats to reducing operational costs, the CWSP certification has become an asset for professionals and the companies they work for.

Understanding CWSP Certification

The CWSP certification is designed to validate one’s skills in securing enterprise Wi-Fi networks. CWSP-certified professionals are able to protect wireless networks from hackers, regardless of which brand of equipment is used in the organization.

You can only obtain CWSP after undergoing testing for CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator). CWNA serves as the foundation level certification process for Wi-Fi networks. It tests one’s ability to identify, install, and administer enterprise Wi-Fi connections.

CWSP is a step up from CWNA because it validates your ability to secure Wi-Fi connections at the corporate level. The test is a 60-question multiple choice exam that’s about 90 minutes in length.

CWSP certification is beneficial for more than just network security. It also ensures that your IT personnel are able to create focused, objective, and reliable networks to fuel your daily operations. Whether your business is in manufacturing, retail, or finance, secure Wi-Fi connections are necessary for many different applications.

The CWSP certificate is proof that your team has undergone network security training, collaboration with other industry professionals, and experience in handling enterprise networks and equipment (under the CWNA certification).

CWSP tests many different aspects of wireless and network security. For example, you can expect to be tested on architectural and design elements, infrastructure installation and security, compliance, and application data security across wireless channels. This thorough testing ensures that all your company personnel are experienced and knowledgeable of multiple aspects of internet security.

Benefits of the CWSP certification

According to a recent study at Clark University, a hacking attempt is recorded every 39 seconds. Having secure wireless connections is no longer just a luxury that larger companies enjoy. In fact, most hacking attempts are tailored towards startups and small businesses. Hackers know that these targets are less likely to devote enough resources towards security, making them more vulnerable to data breaches.

The CWSP certification is a critical step that can help you detect and repel incoming attacks to your wireless networks. There are numerous benefits to ensuring that your team is CWSP certified these include:

Protect sensitive company information: Regardless of the nature of your operations, you’ll most likely handle sensitive data on a regular basis. This data may include customer information (names and addresses), credit card numbers (and other payment data), investor records, and corporate financial information. Such data could result in significant damages (and losses) if it were to end up in the wrong hands.

CWSP certification ensures that your company personnel are ready to protect this sensitive data on a daily basis.

Reduce operational costs: CWSP–certified personnel are also trained in administering wireless systems. This means that they can inspect your current infrastructure and make appropriate changes that will help you save on costs.

The experience and expertise of CWSP personnel can be used to ensure that all your wireless tools and applications are up to date, secure, and performing according to industry standards.

Increase the ROI of your network communication investments: Wireless networks allow businesses to communicate faster and more effectively. Whether you’re working with suppliers or adding customer services that can be accessed remotely, you’ll need a robust and secure wireless environment to streamline communication activities across the company.

CWSP certification ensures that your employees have the right combination of written, listening, and oral skills to increase the ROI of your network investments.

Boost customer and supplier confidence: Furthermore, CWSP increases the confidence that customers and suppliers have in your wireless networks. Because company data can be hacked by using a third party business that doesn’t adhere to high security standards, many customers are now vigilant with who they work with (or who they provide network access). CWSP acts as a badge of approval that you can use to boost customer confidence in your wireless networks.

Are You Ready to Get Your Employees Certified?

Wireless network security has become a critical aspect of your company’s daily operations. CWSP certification ensures that your team is ready to deal with emergent threats to your company’s wireless systems. If you want your IT team to take the CWSP certification, connect with Infotec today for more information on training!

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