Consultation Services

At Infotec, we take a proactive approach to Technology support. By taking our customers out of the "break fix" routine and putting them into a customized technology development plan, we can predict possible network issues and implement preventative plans.

Due to the extensive knowledge of our team, the diverse understanding of situations encountered and the non vendor-biased approach, Infotec’s consulting service request continue to grow weekly. Consultation services can be tailored to a single day project or to an extensive long-term plan.

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Consultation Services

Most of Infotec’s Instructor-led training courses are tailored around practical examples to enable our student customer’s to learn, grow and put their businesses into a preventive mode vs. a reactive mode. It is not an uncommon event, for the student customers to bring their relevant questions into the classroom and request Infotec’s team of Instructional Specialist to support in development assistance and/or troubleshooting of a problem or in cultivating a vision or plan.

For further information on pricing and availability, please contact and a representative will be able to guide you.