Why Are Certifications Important in the IT Field: Will They Help My Business?

Information technology is an integral part of every business and employers are always looking for the best brains in the field. As an IT professional, being certified proves that your employees can walk the talk and effectively execute projects in their line of duty. Businesses also reap big by having certified personnel in their teams. Read on to find out why certifications are important in IT work and how it could help your business succeed.

Why IT Certifications are Important for IT Professionals

The field of information technology is all about practical skills and experience. The rapidly changing nature of technology requires professionals to keep abreast of all emerging trends, and being certified is one way to achieve this. In fact, a survey by CompTIA shows that 72% of employers require IT certifications for certain positions. Still wondering if getting certified is worth it? Here’s why it is the best decision you can ever make for your business.


Anyone can claim prowess in cybersecurity or Microsoft. However, a certification in your employee’s name adds weight to their claims. As a certified IT professional, your employees could show that they’ve mastered the necessary skills in their field of specialty and that their skills are valid. It also shows their keenness on professional development.

With certification comes expertise. As such, clients will be more willing to do business with you based on your team’s certifications as they could cultivate greater trust in their ability to perform as expected.

Your Business Stays Updated

Acquiring an IT certification exposes your workers to current knowledge and technologies that are necessary for success in the industry. This is especially true if the certifying body requires the certified to renew their certification after a period of time. As a certified professional, your IT employees also gain the skill and ability to easily adapt to changing work environments and technology which keeps you versatile.

For businesses, having certified personnel means access to competitive skills and therefore more competitive advantage. You are also able to take care of skill gaps that may occur in the future before they actually happen.

Personal Development and Confidence

As a certified IT professional, your employees hone their skills in what they love. The confidence that comes with the ability to do the job well means they are more motivated to perform their duties. This, in turn, translates to more productivity which is not only beneficial to your career, but also to the company’s overall growth.

How Clients Perceive Businesses with Certified Employees Compared to Those Without

If you run a business, your corporate image could improve with a few more certified professionals in your team. Clients could have more confidence in your company if you’ve certified staff compared to one without. They’ll be compelled to engage you for business as they trust that you can deliver results.

A company offering certification opportunities for its employees shows interest in meeting the needs of its staff. Encouraging your IT personnel to get certified is evidence of your commitment to growth and excellence. By investing in your employees, you show your clients that you are dedicated to providing value to your customers.

Ways in Which IT Certification Helps Your Business Become More Efficient

As a business, certified IT personnel contribute to efficiency in your company’s operations. The competency that comes with training is guaranteed to scale your business to new heights. Below are a few ways in which IT certifications can help your business become more efficient and streamlined.

  • The competency and skills obtained improves employee productivity and leaves little room for errors and costly mistakes. The consistency in operations also boosts your company’s reliability and compliance with industry standards.
  • Exposure to current knowledge and skills helps your business cut down on outdated techniques that may not only be slow, but costly.
  • Working with certified employees reduces your training costs for new hires, and eases your recruitment process. You can easily assess applicants’ abilities based on their certification and get the right person for the job.

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