Remote Travel Labs

Infotec conducts training throughout the United States and beyond. Courses can be conducted in your facility with your equipment, or Infotec can conduct courses in your facility with our remote labs being shipped prior to the course start.

Should you like the course(s) to be conducted in your locality, but do not have the facilities to support the training, this is not a problem. Infotec has relationships with most hotel chains, allowing us to host your course in a meeting room nearby using our equipment.

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Remote Travel Labs

When training with Infotec’s remote travel labs, you can be assured you will receive:

  • Current, working equipment with supporting cables and power cords.
  • Appropriate software loaded prior to shipping.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Set-up by the instructor prior to class commencement.
  • Certification testing equipment with shipment if applicable.
Mobile travel labs are available for most computer courses, leadership courses, Cisco courses and fiber optic courses.
Cut out all the travel burdens and expense of training your team. Infotec can come to you and provide a full-service training experience.