Change Management: Helping Employees Adjust to a Changing Workplace

Few words can inspire fear in a workplace like the word "change". An employee that hears their normal routine is going to be changing often gets worried about what that may mean for them and their future. It can be worrisome for them to not know what might be happening. This situation is where a great manager can shine and show their employees that workplace changes can be adjusted to relatively easily in the long run.

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What Can you Do with a Project Management Certification?

Time. Cost. Scope.

In the world of project management, they represent three variables that can mean the difference between success, failure, and something in between.

They are often referred to as the "Triple Constraint," because every project must be completed within the boundaries of its deadline, stated budget, and agreed-upon tasks required to achieve the its goal. Whether or not it succeeds depends on how well its manager is able to maneuver among each variable.

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