At Infotec, we offer a variety of training modalities and delivery styles that provide distinctive solutions tailored to our client’s specific learning requirements and budgets. With Infotec’s e-learning platform, our clients:

  • Achieve measurable results and cost savings.
  • Support flexible schedules with 24/7 anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Prepare internal teams for critical IT roll-outs.
  • Enhance morale with continuous skill enrichment and team building courses.
  • Give managers the skills to help eliminate employee attrition.

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The program is established to meet each customer's unique requirements with the most supportive and cost effective solution.
Our content library is enriched monthly.
Topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Information Technology
  • Leadership and Management
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Productivity
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Web & Graphic Design


E-Learning purchases can be made as:


  • A single course purchase
  • Multiple course purchases
  • A single individual improving skills
  • Personal Productivity
  • A group within your company
  • A company with a customized portal and Learning Management System (LMS)


Infotec's e-learning programs have limited access.


Learning built for your needs

Infotec’s e-learning courses are current and developed by industry experts allowing our client the ability to train in preparation of a certification or to broaden their skills.

Our dynamic educational video courseware is flexible and accessible in YOUR environment. To the left you will find a brief clip of the Security+ (SYO-401) course.