Are Microsoft Certs Worth it for Small Businesses?

Microsoft is famous for its Office software and operating systems. But this conglomerate has a much broader product portfolio that involves online services, gaming through the Xbox franchise, MSN, Bing, advertising, hardware such as PCs, tablets, mice and keyboards, and much more. It also offers more than 25 active Microsoft Certifications that cover almost all platforms from SQL Server to Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, System Center, Visual Studio, and Lynch.

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Fiber Optic Certification Training for Medium and Large Businesses

Fiber optics is a technology that utilizes glass (or plastic) threads, known as fibers to transmit data. It uses total internal reflection to keep light rays trapped within the denser glass of the center of a composite cylindrical fiber, the core. It consists of numerous glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting data modulated into light waves. They provide greater bandwidth to transmit data and are less susceptible to interference as found in other waveguides.

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What is a Licensed Penetration Tester and Should I Have One on my Team?

A Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) is a trained professional who can analyze the security posture of a given network exhaustively and propose the corrective measures authoritatively. Certified penetration testers have the skills on how to utilize penetration testing methodologies, techniques and tools to design, secure, and test or troubleshoot networks to help organizations avert threats. LPT training is appropriate for auditors, security officers, and cybersecurity professionals.

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