What can you do with a PMP in your Office?

Project management is more than just keeping a project on track and in the black. It requires knowing how to manage all the parts and people that go into making a project a success. Individuals who have secured a Program Management Professional (PMP®) certification have a demonstrated ability to manage multiple, complex projects simultaneously. If you are looking to add an invaluable certification to your management teams, this is one that will open all the doors to a bright future for your company.

Building Elite Teams

PMP® certification teaches your employees how to manage the complexities of multiple projects. It trains them how to achieve the desired results with improved efficiency. Programs are generally designed to teach participants the most effective methods of managing everything from physical assets to personnel so that the finished results are delivered on time and on budget.

Following certification, your teams will have quality leadership that is able to take on any challenge. Moreover, the people you put in charge of your projects will have the ability to filter what they know down the ranks. This creates stronger, more efficient teams of personnel that are flexible and can adapt to changing requirements and evolving objectives.

Expanding on Experience

PMP® programs are not for amateurs or those who are just starting out in their careers. Rather, programs are geared for those who have significant experience under their belts. Participants are required to have years of professional project management experience behind them and usually a college degree as well. These programs are not intended to teach the basics of management; they are intended to build upon what participants already know and help apply new concepts and techniques to their professional endeavors.

Building a Brighter Future

Concepts learned during PMP® programs can be applied to every industry and every continent. This gives you a significant advantage as you seek to pursue opportunities down the road or across the oceans. It allows you to bid on projects with the confidence that your teams are up to the task. It also shows prospective clients and partners that your teams have the skills and training required to get the job done.

In addition to opening doors, it allows you to charge more for your services. It is a premium certification that allows you to add as much as 20% to the project bid. It is an insurance policy for clients that they will gladly pay for most of the time because it represents reduced risk and increased quality.

PMP® programs make it possible for you to roll out new products or develop new technologies. They make it easy for you to execute campaigns for clients or expand operations in new markets. Whatever industry you are involved in, the skills learned and mastered during the program can be applied to reach for the goals you aim to achieve.

Filling a Growing Demand

Demand for PMP® certified professionals is growing in every industry. From pharmaceuticals and healthcare, to technology and construction, companies that are managed by PMP® certified professionals have more than just the skills and knowledge required to streamline efficiency and manage budgets; they have the ability to navigate a rapid shifts and changes within their respective industries. This helps your company stay on an even keel as projects evolve towards completion. The longer the project term, the more beneficial these skills become.

PMP® certified professionals are in high-demand around the world. By 2027, it is estimated that demand for individuals with these skills is expected to grow by 33%. Over the next decade, it is expected that employers will add more than 2 million jobs in the US and 22 million new jobs globally. At the same time, the distance between countries is shrinking and in process, this is making it easier for companies to reach beyond borders to pursue contracts and opportunities that were not possible just a few years ago.

It is a hot market and employers who train their existing personnel have an advantage as the market expands. Not only will these employees have the managerial skills and knowledge the company's future requires; their employees will have significant institutional knowledge under their belts. Combined, this gives them the ability to take what they know and apply it directly to what you need them to do. A potent combination can increase efficiency and effectiveness as you seek to streamline operations and improve profitability.

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