What is the PMP Certification Good for in IT Career Fields?

PMP® (project management professional) certification is among the top in-demand project management certifications for 2019. Attaining PMP certification is considered the most comprehensive standard by which project management knowledge is measured. The certification is rigorous, demanding, and students gain experience with real-world applications.

There’s No Such Thing as ‘PMP for Dummies’

Approximately two out of five people fail their first attempt at the PMP exam. -CIO.com

PMP certification exams set comprehensive, industry-wide, global project management standards. They have never lowered the bar for anyone. As a professional, earning your PMP certification is a source of accomplishment and pride. As an employer, you can be confident your project management professional is among the best in the world.

Eligibility for PMP Certification

All management experience for your 2019 application submission must have taken place between 2011-2019. Other requirements include:

High school diploma/Associate degree
Five years (60 months) unique, non-overlapping professional project management experience that includes a minimum of 7,500 hours leading/directing the project
35 contact hours of formal education


Bachelor’s degree (or global equivalent)
Three years (36 months) unique, non-overlapping professional project management experience that includes a minimum of 4,500 hours leading/directing the project
35 contact hours of formal education

How Can PMP Certification Apply to IT Projects?

Project management can make or break IT development. At its most basic, your project manager needs the ability to manage a mission-critical IT project using organizational implementation while also keeping the job within (or under) budget and on time.

PMP Certification Goes Beyond the Basics

Here’s what PMP certification training can bring to the table:

Business Agility

Predictive business management in today’s environment is trickier than ever. If your client market does a 180, your project manager should be able to make the transition. “Project managers must be able to show they have the ability to turn on a dime,” says Neil Patel.

Risk Assessment Experience

All IT projects have risks:

  • Client expectations may not be met
  • Deadlines and go-lives may be missed
  • Stakeholders may be unhappy with deliverables

Risk mitigation can include ensuring your IT team members have the tools they need.

Resource Management

A knowledgeable project manager can work with limited personnel. Nobody wants to work with tight budget and time restraints; when you add juggling limited availability of project-appropriate resources, you’ve got a challenging mix.

Technology Savvy

It’s not enough to be a software guru these days. Your IT project manager needs knowledge of and ability to understand technology platforms – how they were built and what they deliver – as well as different approaches that can achieve the best results. Software developers especially want leadership to be able to “walk the walk.”

Diverse, Global Communications Skills

Being culturally sensitive is important. But wait; there’s more: Today’s project manager must be able to not only appreciate generational diversity, but be able to promote it within IT teams.

This means when Baby Boomers, GenXers and Millennials are tasked with one project goal, they may have approaches that are different but all workable. Since we tend to distrust what we don’t understand, conflict resolution may enter the equation if your project manager can’t help the team develop a sense of respect for all ages and levels of experience.

This applies to time management, too. Project managers don’t need a degree in psychology. How to encourage and inspire a generationally diverse IT team calls for work-ethics-appropriate communication skills. You could call this “age-appropriate” communication, but it’s truly more about each generation’s workplace integrity and career requirements.

Because the world is so small, project managers that have work experience in diverse international locations are very desirable. Project managers with knowledge of ever-changing regulatory compliance in certain industries are also in-demand.

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