PMP Certification Training: How Can Your Employee become a Project Manager?

PMP or Project Management Professional is a globally acknowledged certification that authenticates an employee’s education and professional experience in project management. This certification is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute).

While your employees won’t need a PMP to work on project management tasks, a survey by PWC indicated that certified PMP project managers can handle three times high performing projects. Additionally, companies with more than a third of certified PMP employees were found to have better success than companies without.

Reasons Why Your Employees Should be PMP Certified

Language Mastery

For you to succeed in your business, your employees have to understand a lengthy list of terms and articulate them to others. While they may learn the language while on the job, they can master them and many more by completing the PMP certification training and exam.

The PMP certification course training will help ensure that the employees are not taking terms in and spitting them right back on paper just for the sake of passing the exam, it will ensure that they are internalizing important concepts and understanding the terms that they will use on a daily basis.

Be Able to Handle More Challenging Tasks

If your employees love managing projects, want to continue to be challenged in their career, and you want to ensure that everyone and everything continues to work to the best of their ability then a PMP certification will come in handy. This is especially important if you note that your employees are feeling like their projects are losing their excitement. By certifying them, you will help open new doors to project management opportunities that require effort and commitment to excellence.

Increased Reputation

Both government and local organizations are beginning to request PMP certification from organizations bidding on projects. This is because PMP certification is globally recognized and it helps them reduce the risk of projects going over-budget or over-time. The view of quality is always required to cultivate, especially in highly competitive markets. This certification is also beneficial if you have international clients as it ties in with global ISO standards on project management. The PMP certification will put your client’s minds at rest.

PMP Certification Is Useful in Other Industries

Your project managers aren’t limited to only one industry. They can execute different tasks successfully. Today more than ever, your business needs project managers who will help meet your business goals and objectives. The knowledge your employees will acquire through this certification will increase the value of your business.

Hands-on Experience

Although employees can be experienced without certification, only experienced employees can receive the PMP certification. For your employees to be certified, they should have a working experience of three years or 3,500 hours of project management experience. For employees without a bachelor’s degree, they may require more experience.

Increased Chances of Project Success

A high percentage of projects fail while others are not as volatile. Risk is a major factor when it comes to project management. Anything you do to increase the chances of success is important to distinguish your business in this crowded industry. The PMP certification is linked to improved project performance. This is because employees who have spent most of their time preparing for the PMP exam have learned how to keep projects running smoothly.

What Does it Mean for Your Business to Have PMP Certified Employees?

Your employees aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the PMP certification. Your business will generally have more disciplined and knowledgeable employees. The severities of PMP certification process and the requirement that the certification should be maintained through continuous education means that your employees will always be aware of the latest developments in the project management field.

The PMP certification will not only make your business more efficient, it will also lead to greater project success and make your business more attractive to potential clients. Most customers are aware that PMP certified employees can deliver the results they seek. Additionally, by investing in employee training, your staff will recognize and appreciate your dedication and contribution and this will motivate them to remain loyal to your business.

Who Should Get PMP Certified?

While almost everyone working on corporate projects will benefit from gaining knowledge from project management training, the PMP certification can have special appeal to some employees such as process engineers, Six Sigma, team leaders, business analysts, C-level executives, and product consultants. This training will help quality specialists to keep their deliverables on budget and on time. It can also help them to design better project processes.

Staying on top of your projects in project management is of huge benefit to your business. If you are planning to introduce PMP certification into your company, connect with Infotec today for more information about how to help your employees become PMI certified.

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