How Long Does the CompTIA A+ Certification Last?

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level computer certification for IT service technicians. It is meant to certify the competency of entry level PC computer service professionals in maintaining, installing, operating, and customizing personal computers. The A+ certification is endorsed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

It is a large trade organization that consists of resellers, manufacturers and distributors. It is tasked with developing voluntary guidelines dealing with professionalism and business ethics, and take part in many issues like warranty claims, product returns as well as price protection.

Certification Validity Period and Procedure of Re-Certifying

In the past, A+ certification was a lifetime certificate, but from 2011, the certificate must be renewed every three years by retaking the A+ test. The certificate holders are required to pay the Continuing Education Units (CEU) fee for maintaining the certificate.

CompTIA A+ certification exam has traditional, situational as well as identification type of questions. All of which are multiple choice with one correct answer. A+ certification exam can be accessed by anyone, although it is meant to be conducted by individuals with a minimum of several months’ job experience as service technicians.

This certification is the only vendor specific hardware certification that is available for IBM-compatible computer systems. Progressively, numerous help desk positions and service centers need A+ certification or experience as a basis of hiring. In case you hold more than one CompTIA certifications, you are required to meet the demands for your highest certification. In most, cases, you can login to your certification account and submit your completed activities and receive CUEs.

You are eligible to renew your CompTIA A+ certification if you had passed on your earlier version and your certification is not past the expiration date.

Why should IT Certifications Require Re-certification Every Few Years?

IT re-certification indicates commitment to your proficiency and skill in a certain area. For instance, renewing your certification in computer service is a clear indication that you have the skills and experience required to effectively monitor, maintain and install all kinds of computer infrastructure like servers. It helps validate your expertise and skills in your current job.

Re-certification cover new areas thus reinforcing your skills and knowledge. It is a refresher that helps you identify and tackle any challenges in your field. The processes will as well connect you with other IT professionals.

The IT industry is dynamic in nature. Something that is considered cutting edge today may be out of date next year. Regular re-certification ensures that you advance in your career and remain marketable in the industry. Also, most certification companies regularly update their exam content. They get an opportunity to tap into the most up to date techniques and information that helps you remain competent in your field.

Re-certification helps maintain your knowledge. By maintaining your IT certifications, you are needed to show that you’re keeping up with the technologies and trends in the industry. Therefore, it is a requirement that you rectify regularly. Obtaining re-certification will ensure that you remain a marketable candidate.

Benefits of Obtaining Re-Certification and Rectification as Required

Studies clearly indicates that skill level is one main factor that affect the unemployment rates. In times where layoffs are becoming increasingly common, employers are inclined to retain workers with the current and appropriate knowledge. If given a choice between two people with the same level of experience and skill, a manger is more likely to keep the one with a valid IT certification.

Do Your Employees Need to Be Recertified?

Achieving an IT certification is a clear indication that you have mastered the skills and knowledge to be a qualified IT professional. By maintaining you IT certifications, you are needed to exhibit that you’re abreast with the emerging technologies and trends. Infotec IT and Training is at the forefront in ensuring that you obtain the desired IT training to advance your career. The CompTIA certifications are tailored to enable you remain a marketable candidate while validating your knowledge and skill to potential and current employers.

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