VMWare Explained for Small Businesses

VMWare seems to be everywhere these days. With startups, established corporations, small businesses, and more are taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization, it's hard to imagine a business not using VMWare in some capacity. In fact, as many as 90 percent of organizations are believed to be using virtual machines.

With virtualization so widespread, it makes sense for just about any company, small businesses included, to use VMWare in some capacity in order to keep up with the times. With that in mind, you might be wondering if VMWare is right for your small business, and what you might need to learn in order to use VMWare. Here are a few things you should know about VMWare.

What is VMWare?

VMWare is a platform for virtual machines and virtualization. Virtual machines emulate different computer systems, allowing the user to operate multiple operating systems out of a single computer. VMWare is one of the largest and fastest growing virtualization platforms. If you're planning to implement virtual machines at your company, there's a good chance you will be using VMWare.

How can I use VMWare at my company to become more successful?

While emulating multiple operating systems might seem like the domain of big companies, virtual machines can be immensely helpful to small businesses too. Virtualization is a great way to cut costs on server space, because it allows you to condense the functions multiple servers into one server.

Virtualization also makes it easy to back up data and recover it in the event of catastrophic data loss. A majority of small businesses (as many as 58 percent) aren't prepared for data loss. Virtualization can help you prepare for one of the most common and devastating computing issues that any small businesses can face.

Virtualization also makes it much easier to maintain your company's computer hardware. With fewer physical machines to look after, you and your employees can save time on basic maintenance.

How can I learn more about VMWare?

The good news is, anyone can learn about virtualization. There are plenty of resources. Reading up on the internet is a good start, but enrolling in classes might be the most efficient way. Learning how to operate and use VMWare in a formal setting is a great way to ensure that you are learning everything you need to know to incorporate VMWare into your businesses in an efficient manner, without wasting your time and energy. By the time you finish a course in VMWare, you can be assured that you are that much closer to being able to use VMWare at your business.

Small businesses don't have to lag behind big corporations when it comes to using modern technology. VMWare can help businesses of any size, and that includes the smallest operations. In fact, it might be even more beneficial to small businesses, which are more likely to face constraints with regards to office size and the number of employees you can hire. Virtualization and VMWare can make your workplace more efficient, and allow you to focus on making your business really thrive.

Where can I go for formal training in VMWare?

If you are interested in learning more about VMWare, taking a class at Infotec might be the right decision for you. At Infotec, you can enroll in a variety of classes tailored to your level of expertise, as well as in specific topics that you want to learn more about. When you finish your classes at Infotec, you could become a VMWare Certified Professional (VCP). If you're interested in Infotec's VMWare Certification classes and want to learn more, be sure to contact us today!

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