ITIL Training Path for Your Employees to Advance

As a business owner or CEO, you never dreamed you’d be in the business of technology. Maybe you thought you were selling insurance or clothing. However, today’s organizations’ heartbeats are in the IT department. Your technology department and what it does is keeping your business alive and ITIL is a vital part of this system.

The Goal Never Changes

Your organization’s goal is to make money. Your IT professionals need onboarding training and continuing education because technology is changing faster than the speed of light. The purpose of ITIL training is to integrate your IT operations with your business goal – making money. That’s why this investment is critical to your operations.

ITIL can drive services from help desk and customer support to business development. One way to think of ITIL is that it’s much more than technology management. ITIL is more than a process or a model. It offers overall value to your company, employees, and customers. It can be the foundation for other initiatives, such as cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT).

Employees Don’t Want ‘Just a Job’ Anymore

Here’s another reason why ITIL training is important: In today’s technology job market, there’s huge competition to hire and retain valuable talent. Today’s technology professionals want more than money. They want challenges and ongoing training that will keep their skills sharp.

They want to work for the kind of company that inspires professional growth. ITIL training can be seen as a promotion of sorts because this education increases your employees’ importance to your overall business operations.

What is a Logical Path and Timeline for ITIL Certification?

New employees will benefit from the entry-level ITIL Foundation training and certification. They will learn additional IT terminologies and concepts as well as lifecycle stages and how they contribute to management services. An ITIL Bootcamp is 3 days of instructor-led training and is two credit hours.

ITIL Intermediate Certification

This certification structure is set in modules, and each offers a different focal point:

  • Intermediate Lifecycle – This training is for management or team leader development. It focuses on best practices to manage multiple capabilities. Each session is 3 credit hours.
  • CSI – Continual Service Improvement
  • SDC – Service Design Certification
  • SOC – Service Operation Certification
  • SSC – Service Strategy Certification
  • STC – Service Transition Certification
  • Intermediate Capability – This training is for employees who need specialized knowledge in one or more process areas. Its focus is on daily ITIL practice and execution. Each session is 4 credit hours.
  • OSA – Operational Support and Analysis Certification
  • PPO – Planning, Protection, and Optimization Certification
  • RCV – Release, Control, and Validation Certification
  • SOA – Service Offerings and Agreements Certification

Managing Across the Lifecycle

This is the final module in preparation for the ITIL Expert Level training and certification. This session is five credit hours.

ITIL Expert

Employees must have accumulated a minimum of 15 credit hours and must hold the ITIL Foundation Certification to qualify for Expert Level Certification. Managing Across the Lifecycle must also have been completed.

ITIL Master

Candidates must hold the ITIL Expert Level Certification and have worked in IT management or leadership roles for a minimum of 5 years.

Is ITIL Training Needed in my Business?

ITIL can improve productivity while also lowering operating costs. It’s an investment to improve your company’s customer experience and validate your brand. Businesses use ITIL to:

  • Create value and loyalty within your customer base
  • Improve customer service interactions
  • Provide higher-quality customer service
  • Simplify IT management

Where Can I Go for ITIL Training?

If you want to train your employees in ITIIL, Infotec offers different ITIL paths to fit your employees' skills and knowledge level. For more information on these training opportunities, connect with us today!

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