ITIL Foundation Training For Your Beginner Employees

With the increasingly stiff competition among businesses, firms are coming up with different ways to improve their service delivery and customer satisfaction. By so doing, they are trying to initiate new ways to achieve their objectives and increase their profit margins. ITIL is a unique tool organizations are incorporating to help in cost reduction, greater management of business risks to achieve the same.

Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) is a comprehensive IT related service management framework that is widely known and used. ITIL contains a set of best practices aimed at focusing on the alignment of services with the needs of the business. ITIL provides cohesive and proven techniques that engulf all the service lifecycle. The framework is used in the development and execution of IT management services.

Why use ITIL?

ITIL provides a high-level set of benefits to a business especially through alignment of process areas with the required business outcomes. It does this by focusing on solving business problems. It enhances practical and strategic practices that are aimed at optimizing and improving service delivery in such areas as; suppliers, the process, technology and among employee. Many businesses are implementing ITIL because of the following reasons:

  • Strengthens alignments between the business and IT.
  • Enhanced service delivery, customer satisfaction, and relationships.
  • Improved visibility of IT assets and reduced costs.
  • Enhances a stable business environment and makes business able to withstand dynamic business conditions.
  • Improvement in the proper utilization of resources.
  • Higher reliability regarding service delivery.
  • Service optimization especially in the supply chain.
  • Enhances value creation through reduction of cycle times and unplanned risks.

ITIL stages

To enjoy the benefits that ITIL provides, services offered should be geared to business transformation and unlimited growth. ITIL service management supports this through the use of distinct service stages or lifecycle. These stages are dependent on each other for inputs and feedbacks. They work by service principles, roles, performance measures, and processes. They include:

Service strategy: It’s the foundation of the service lifecycle. It ensures the definition, maintenance, and implementation of services. It makes sure the business’ units are capable of handling associated risks and costs and are set up for the improvement of services.

Service design: Service strategy is converted to reality through the use of consistent development of new services. It also includes changes aimed at improving and maintaining value to your customers.

Service transition: It acts as a bridge between projects and operations. It supports the effectiveness of operations and improvement of changes in service delivery between customers and their service providers.

Service Operation: enhances end-to-end practices that support stable services. It is done through incidence management involving feedbacks on user satisfaction.

Continual Service Improvement: this service stage works together with other stages for the alignment of services with the business needs.

ITIL Foundation Training and Certification

ITIL Foundation training is the entry-level training that provides guidance and skills for excellent service in the IT service delivery in the execution of IT management services. ITIL certification offers and validates general awareness of the crucial elements, terminologies, and concepts used in Information Technology infrastructure library lifecycle. It can be in the processes involved, lifecycle stages and their contribution to management services in the business.

It provides a modular approach to the ITIL framework. It provides a schematic series of qualification focused on some aspects defined in the ITIL best practices for businesses in depth and detail. The structure offers candidates with different discipline and areas of specialization of ITIL and the chance to focus on their area of interest. It provides different levels of certification within the scheme including, foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert, and master level.

ITIL Foundation Training in an organization

ITIL Foundation certification will help your workers to convert their innovative concepts, ideas, and insights into improved service delivery. Also, it will help them to solve problems within the organization effectively. Do you want to tackle your challenges head-on? Infotec offers ITIL training courses from beginner to expert. For more information on these courses, connect with Infotec today.

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