How to Get Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

When working within the IT community, additional certifications makes an employee a desirable addition to any team. Extra knowledge helps boost productivity and reduce potential downtime. One available certification is one on Risk and Information Systems Control (also known as CRISC certified). Whether you're currently looking to improve your IT team or are interested in boosting the knowledge of your workers, this certification is highly desirable and should be considered.

How Does One Get CRISC Certified?

Obtaining a CRISC certification is rather straightforward. Courses are not necessarily a need, as an individual only has to pass the administered exam. To qualify for taking the exam you must have at least five or more years of business experience and at least three years of experience working in the risk and information systems control field. If you have this kind of experience, working in the field you can apply to take the test, which lasts for a full four hours. Once the exam is passed, the individual must then apply for certification with the demonstrated test results.

There are three different levels of certifications that go together in order to complete the ISACA certification. The three certifications are CRISC for IT professionals who work in an operational level and mitigate risk. The second is CRISC for IT professionals who design, maintain and implement IS controls. The third is a CRISC for IT professionals regarding security and compliance.

The CRISC certified course covers five different areas of importance, known as a domains. It is necessary to pass each domain in order to pass the exam and receive the certification. These five domains are "risk identification, assessment and evaluation", "Risk response," "Risk monitoring," "IS control design and implementation," and "IS control monitoring and maintenance."

A score of 450 is considered passing on the 200-question test. You are able to take the test again should you not receive the grade you were looking for, although you will need to pay the exam fee again, so it is highly recommended to put in the necessary study time to prepare yourself for the course.

The CRISC is administered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). In addition to the varying CRISC certifications, ISACA also provides several other certifications, including the Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT, Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, Certified in Risk and Information Systems control and Cybersecurity Nexus Practitioner. Depending on your current IT job and where you may want to go in the future, additional ISACA certifications may prove of value to you and your current or future employer.

What Does an Employee Need to Know Before They Enter Into Training?

While partaking in courses to prepare for the certification exam is not necessary, it is highly recommended. The five years' experience as a business professional and three years' experience working with the risk and information systems control spectrum should provide favorable insights into what will be on the test and should prepare you. However, fine-tuning your knowledge and going over what specifics will be on the exam is helpful and can improve the chances of passing.

Available E-learning and virtual training should be taken advantage of to prepare yourself for the exam. Due to the cost of the test and the need to pay the exam fee again should you need to take the test over, avoiding paying for the exam several times over is favorable.

How Would A Company Benefit From the Certification?

When an employee gains additional knowledge on risk and information systems control, they are able to provide beneficial insights while working the IT department of the company. They have the ability to boost productivity and improve how the entire department functions.

This improvement in how the IT department handles and analyzes risk and information systems will in turn help save the company both time and money following the certification. So while paying for study material and the exam is a onetime expense, the return on investment is favorable. It is also attractive for an employee to have this kind of certification listed on their resume.

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