How Long Does it Take to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

Network security is at the pivotal point for any organization or business entity. It involves protection of access, mismanagement, and hacking of a company’s’ crucial files of a computer network system. Many organizations have employed a tool to check and test for their network security and one of them is ethical hacking.

This is an emerging tool that can be used to detect security vulnerability and risks in an organization’s network. Businesses have decided to adopt ethical hacking tools to secure essential documents, sensitive information and to keep their network safe from malicious hackers. Most organizations often hire ethical hackers to perform security measures on their behalf.

The significance of ethical hacking

The importance of ethical hacking in organizations includes:

  • Objective analysis of information security status of an organization. This is done through test entry points, scanning for weakness and priorities targets
  • Developing goal-oriented strategies that leverage a company’s security resources
  • Employ security assessments with actionable remediation insights tailored to the organization’s unique IT environment, capabilities, and security objectives
  • Helping businesses prioritize their security resources. It does this by acquiring security tools; such as firewalls and IPS devices, check on their security efforts, security policies adjustments.
  • Enhances a more mainstream service
  • Improves effective verification of the enterprise security architecture
  • Helps in prevention and detection of cyber terrorism

How do you become an ethical hacker?

Due to the increased cases of network insecurities, businesses and organizations are trying to come up with ways to keep their networks safer. This has coerced organizations to employ ethical hackers who will help in keeping their network security in check.

The job market is up-and-coming for ethical hackers because the information technology industry is rapidly growing regardless of the economic problems. Before you become an ethical hacker, you should consider the following;

  • The level you’re in the IT field
  • Programming and networking skills
  • Personal attributes- patience, perseverance, and persistence

Simple steps involved for one to become an ethical hacker

  1. Take your time and learn the basics of computer networking - This consists in discovering a number of both old and new programming languages including Java, PHP, C, Perl, and Python. You also required to know markup-based languages including HTML. You should even master operating systems such as UNIX which is aimed at proving a high level of security.
  2. Master the fundamentals of cybersecurity- Learn networking concepts by having a clear understanding of TCP/IP and UDP protocols.
  3. Gaining knowledge in Cryptography- Being critical in network security, learning it is essential in cybersecurity. It involves mathematical logarithms which will enable you to be able to see weaknesses or security breaches with ease.
  4. Training- Once you have all the above basics, you need to put the knowledge into actions by practicing and performing and to always get yourself updated in matters network security.

What you should know about ethical hacking

  • Know about both the merits and demerits of various types of hackers including Grey Hat, White Hat, and Black Hat hackers in order not to be on the wrong side of the law.
  • Find out the job opportunities for ethical hackers which will help you practice more
  • Try to analyze the basic requirements or the areas that you need to work on
  • Think about specialization that is, whether you are best suited in software or hardware for you to be able to perfect on that specialize area and give it your best
  • You need to ensure beside the basic knowledge you have acquired; you need to take a professional course that will expand your knowledge in ethical hacking
  • Experiment with both software and hardware of different machines to learn how to handle every situation differently if there is any attempt from a malicious hacker
  • Strive to get certification by acquiring certified ethical hacker certification since it will help you succeed in IT field.
  • You should not forget to read tutorials to increase your understanding of ethical hacking

How long it takes to learn ethical hacking

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