Cybersecurity Certification Programs: What is right for your Employees?

When building a cybersecurity platform for your company, it's important to that your employees have the knowledge to make sure that your company's data will be protected from attacks. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals; from small businesses to major corporations, criminals are willing to go after anyone.

The best defense against cybercrime is having an IT team that you know is trained to handle the sort of attacks that are most likely to affect your business. The best way to know your employees are qualified to handle these situations is to get them certified. However, this raises a new question: Which certifications are best for your employees?

That depends on the size of your business, and the sort of challenges your IT workers expect to face. Here are some of the cybersecurity certifications that you might want to look into for your employees, depending on the needs of your company.

Certifications for all businesses

There are some cybersecurity certifications that anyone in the industry is expected to have. No matter how big or small your company, make sure your employees are properly trained.

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is an essential entry-level certification. Getting a Security+ certification shows that you have a broad, expert-level knowledge of network security protocols, and are ready to handle a wide variety of cybersecurity situations.

EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

The best way to combat hackers is to understand how they work. Ethical Hacker certification proves that you understand how hackers work, what tools they use, and what methods they utilize, and that you can apply that knowledge in a lawful manner to protect data from attacks. Whether you own a small business or a large one, it's essential for your IT employees to understand how hackers might attack, and thwart attacks before they happen.

Certified Secure Computer User (CSCU)

CSCU certification shows that you understand a wide variety of some of the most common threats to everyday computer users, including bank hoaxes, phishing scams, viruses, and online predators. Understanding the most common online threats is essential to any security strategy, and CSCU certification shows you are prepared to handle fundamental online safety issues.

Certifications for Small Businesses

Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

Small businesses rely more on data than ever before. If you want to keep your data safe, having someone on your team with a well-rounded knowledge of cybersecurity methodologies and techniques is essential. To earn ECSA certification you must demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity systems, and successfully conduct a penetration test in a laboratory environment.

Certifications for Large Businesses

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Anyone who plans on leading a cybersecurity team should, at a minimum, possess CISM certification. In addition to validating skill and understanding of complex cybersecurity issues, CISM certification also shows that you can design, build, and implement a cybersecurity platform yourself.

Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)

Once a cybersecurity platform is built, it's essential to make sure that it's well-maintained. CISA certification shows that your employees understand how to monitor and audit a company's cybersecurity systems, and protect the data by making sure that the system is always in good shape.

Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)

If you have cybersecurity strategy ready to go, you need to be able to test it before implementing it. Penetration testers look closely at your security models and find cracks and vulnerabilities before hackers do. Penetration testing is a crucial element of any cybersecurity strategy, and LPT certification will give your employees the skills they need to find cracks in your cybersecurity's armor and repair them.

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant fields of this century, and businesses need well-trained cybersecurity professionals more than ever. If you want to know more about Infotec's Cybersecurity training, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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