Cybersecurity Analyst+ Certification: What are the Benefits to My Business?

Cybersecurity Analyst+ certification validates an IT specialist’s knowledge and skills needed to be an effective cybersecurity talent. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ is a nationally-recognized and vendor-neutral certification that is the standard for U.S. cybersecurity analysis professionals.

In the training for certification, students learn how to configure and detect internet threats to your business or organization. They perform data analysis and understand the tools needed to secure against cybercrime and protect your sensitive information.

The Shortage of Cybersecurity Talent is Becoming a Crisis

According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled positions in the industry by 2021. -Forbes

Not only is cybersecurity talent difficult to find today, it’s going to become a real business nightmare, and soon. Certified cybersecurity professionals are so scarce they can demand top wages for their services. Data breaches can ruin some businesses and if the organization survives, it may take years to recover and rebuild. You may not think you can afford the talent needed to meet your cybersecurity needs, but you know you cannot afford to be without it.

Even worse, small- and mid-size businesses are prime targets for hackers. They are more easily breached and provide a pathway corporate partners, sponsors, and vendors. In a 2017 study of 20,000 companies, two-thirds indicated they did not have the number of cybersecurity professionals they need to protect their organizations.

What You Can Do

It’s time to be creative and seek cybersecurity talent in new areas. The primary requirements of cybersecurity professionals are they be team-oriented, motivated, and dedicated to above-average performance. They want to be part of a winning team – and a winning brand – that offers incentives to learn and grow.

Veterans are also exploring many avenues of cybersecurity technology, with sponsored training and certification opportunities for interested ex-military personnel. These people already have many of the skills and disciplines beneficial to business.

The ROI Solution: Hire Your Own Employees

Investing in cybersecurity is not a “should.” You can’t survive long without staying on top of it. The threats are real and the results can be devastating to your business if you ignore data security. You must pursue an investment in cybersecurity that will have long-term value.

“The skills gap for these positions is a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon,” says Forbes. AI (artificial intelligence) may be a solution, but the human factor will always play a critical role in preventing and managing cybersecurity breaches. AI might allow one human to do the work of several.

Many cybersecurity professionals began their careers as IT specialists. They received the necessary training and certification. But don’t limit your possibilities to your technology employees. Cybersecurity is also about behavior analysis, communication skills, working well in a team setting, and above-average problem-solving abilities. The people who can bring this level of talent to the table can learn the technical side of cybersecurity.

4 Ways to Encourage Employee Buy-In to Cybersecurity Analyst+ Certification

To ensure maximum protection against cybercrime, gaining employee buy-in to cybersecurity measures is a must. -Forbes Technology Council

Engaging your employees in a goal of cybersecurity excellence is necessary. Every employee is critical to your effort. Here are four tips to help you as you inspire loyal but non-technical employees to consider this career move:

  1. Create a cybersecurity culture – When your employees recognize the value in guarding against cybercrime at every level of your organization, they are more apt to be willing to do more.
  2. Educate everyone – Reinforce company procedures and risks. One survey revealed employees continue to violate cybersecurity processes “to get the job done.”
  3. Launch a campaign - Free Cybersecurity Training for Qualified Employees programs can encourage ambitious employees to explore possibilities of technology careers within your organization including cybersecurity training.
  4. Make CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ certification mandatory for IT specialists to advance to the next promotional level within your organization.

‘We’re All in This Together’

If you’re worried about cybercrime vulnerability, you’re not alone. Every company has different requirements, but the critical demand for cybersecurity talent is worldwide. Training employees for businesses like yours is what we do. It’s all we do, and we have been a nationally recognized leader over 30 years. We provide the training you and your employees need for today because we’ve got our finger on the pulse of technology tomorrow.

Let us know your challenges and together, we can find a Cybersecurity Analyst+ training session to meet your goals. Connect with Infotec to learn about the business, leadership, and technology training courses available.

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