Certified Secure Computer User Training for Your Employees

Computer security is an increasingly important part of daily business operations. A recent study by the global marketing experts at Accenture found that cybercrimes cost our economy over $11.7 million each year. How can organizations keep their networks secure and reduce the risk of successful cyberattacks?

What is a Certified Secure Computer User?

Hackers and online scammers continue to develop more sophisticated ways to breach security systems. Many of their tactics rely on user error or disinformation. Fake e-mail links, phishing scams, and poor password practices create opportunities for hackers to access sensitive digital files.

A Certified Secure Computer User has proven their understanding of several vital components of network security. Their knowledge of proper computer protocol makes them less likely to fall for frauds. A Certified Secure Computer User has a fundamental understanding of:

  • Ways to protect stored and transmitted data.
  • How to recover data after a breach.
  • The purpose of encryption, and how to include it in their daily communications.
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of social engineering.
  • Steps to prevent data loss due to breach or attack.
  • Identifying and responding appropriately to fake emails.
  • Reducing access to sensitive data by closing backdoors and preventing viruses.
  • The basics of credit card and identity theft.

Certified Secure Computer Users are less likely to fall for online scams that leave networks vulnerable to cyberattacks.

How Do Companies Benefit from Certified Secure Computer User Training?

Internet security software and protocols are important, but they have their limits. Most successfully cyberattacks are due to user error. These can include:

  • Clicking on suspicious email links. These links may prompt users to enter sensitive details like usernames and passwords that hackers can then use to steal data or hijack systems.
  • Using simplified passwords or not updating passwords frequently. Hackers programs use complex algorithms that allow them to guess weak combinations.
  • Visiting suspicious websites that install viruses, worms, or malicious cookies while connected to company networks.
  • Opening attachments from unknown users. These can launch viruses that lock down user terminals, steal information, or open up backdoors that hackers can later use to cause more mischief.
  • Not using proper encryption on smartphones, laptops, USBs, and other mobile devices. If these devices fall into the wrong hands, they could easily access the sensitive information they contain.

Training is the best way to ensure your network users are aware of the dangers of these common actions. Reducing user error protects companies from malicious access that can cost them time, money, and the faith of their customers.

Who Needs Certified Secure Computer User Training?

Certified Secure Computer Users are the best defense a company can have against possible malicious breaches. Who in your organization should take advantage of this training?

  • IT staff and managers can use this information to train other employees in the safe and proper usage of network-connected devices. It also helps them when planning security strategies or responding to suspected breaches.
  • Office workers and any staff with administrative access need to be aware of the potential dangers of online interactions in the workplace. This training will help them understand their role in keeping the company safe and profitable.
  • Contractors who have access to your networks should be certified. These experts may not be aware that their actions can put your business at risk. Their certification ensures that the work they do for you does not allow outside threats into your systems.

Anyone who uses a computer or device that is connected to your networks should be fully trained on how to recognize and prevent potential cyberattacks.

Where Can I Get my Employees Secure Computer User Training?

The Certified Secure Computer User training at Infotec teaches your employees how to keep their network-connected devices safe from hackers and scammers. This short session will give them tools to keep confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. The certification test proves that they are ready to help your company reduce the likelihood of a successful cyberattack. Contact our representatives to schedule your training.

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