CEH Certification: Important for Keeping Your Business Safe

A week hardly goes by without a report of a data breach. According to a recent survey conducted by CFO Global Magazine indicated that over 80 percent of companies in the U.S. have successfully been hacked. Both small businesses and large corporations, such as Sony, are being targeted by cybercriminals. It seems like everyone needs skilled ethical hackers to protect their systems.

Businesses and government organizations now need skilled ethical hackers more than ever to strengthen their security. Ethical hackers secure systems by identifying potential vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. To protect your business, consider investing in employee CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification, which is offered through The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). This certification will enable your employees to use the hacking techniques similar to those used by unlawful hackers to identify vulnerabilities.

Benefits of the CEH Certification

As more and more businesses adopt technology in storing data and expanding their market, the number of hackers has also increased. This has prompted the EC Council to put forward ethical hacking as a concept. Ethical hacking acts as a bodyguard to computer and network systems. Some of the benefits of investing in employee ethical hacking include:

Protecting your business: Your business is prone to cyber-attacks and you need trained and certified employees that can think like hackers to protect your assets from hackers. Your certified employees will perform tasks like hackers to identify weak areas that can be used to breach your computer systems. CEH certified employees are permitted to hack into an organization’s network to perform essential tests that are meant to protect it from illegal hacking.

Makes the transition to the cloud easier: More and more businesses are transitioning to the cloud and this has led to increased levels of threats. In order to reap the full benefits of the cloud, you will need experienced ethical hackers. Due to the fast-growing IT world and complex security requirements, hacking techniques are always evolving and only CEH certified employees can help you overcome this challenge.

Penetrative testing knowledge: Also referred to as pen testing, employees with this knowledge will help identify system vulnerabilities that hackers can use to attack your systems. There are different penetrative testing methods that your employees will learn including targeted testing, external testing penetration of all external systems such as DNS and web servers, internal testing, and blind testing which simulate actual attacks from hackers.

Prepare your business for a real attack: cyber-attacks are inevitable regardless of how fortified your computer systems are. Eventually, a hacker will find vulnerabilities and attack your computer assets. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop bolstering your security systems. Because cyberattacks have always been evolving, the only way to minimize or prevent attacks is by being well-prepared. One of the best ways to be prepared against potential attacks is by allowing your CEH certified ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities beforehand.

Equip your employees with real hacking tools: Regardless of how curious your employees may be, they may not be able to identify the right hacking tools without formal in-depth training that is needed to use the complex hacking tools. However, through the CEH certification, they will learn how to use these tools themselves. The official CEH certification has access to approximately 140 labs and over 2,000 hacking tools.

How CEH Certified Employees can Increase Customer Trust

Your customers are concerned about cybersecurity and their privacy risks more than you may know. In fact, in a recent PWC Global CEO Survey, nearly 70 percent of all CEOs stated that it was more difficult for businesses to earn customers trust and keep it in this digital world.

If your business has previously suffered from hackers, your clients may still be willing to work with you but only if you implement changes that will protect them. Investing in employee CEH certification will assure your clients that you’re taking the necessary measures to protect them. Invest in employee CEH certification because:

Your consumer trust may be fading: Recent statistics indicate that few customers trust their businesses to protect their personal information. In a recent survey, only 25 percent of all respondents believed that businesses were handling their personal information responsibly. If your clients can’t trust you to protect their personal data, you’ll go nowhere in all your efforts to provide your customers with a better experience.

You’re responsible for ensuring customer data security: Although consumers expect both you and the government to be involved in protecting their data, your business bears a larger share of responsibility. In fact, your business will meet the cost of lost data.

Having CEH certified employees is important in protecting your computer and network systems and customer data. To ensure your employees are training with the best, visit Infotec to connect with a friendly representative today.

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