CCDP Certification: Are Your Employees Ready to Become Network Design Professionals?

As networks continue to evolve, you will need professionals that have the knowledge and skills to manage and maintain them. Your seasoned IT professionals need advanced end-to-end network design proficiency to ensure that your networks deliver the current network requirements while future proofing your investments.

The CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional) certification will help improve your IT professionals’ skills, especially when working to improve network availability, performance, and scalability. This certification addresses advanced routing protocols, services virtualization, WANs, and integration approaches for multilayered architectures.

The ideal IT employees for CCDP certification are network architects, network engineers, systems engineers, solutions architects, and CCDA certified professionals among others. The prerequisites for this certification include Cisco CCNA routing and switching certification, CCDA design or any CCIE certification.

Although there are several self-study materials available, the best way to equip your employees with CCDP skills and to ensure that they pass the exam is by investing in instructor led training. Instructors will prepare your employees for this certification by providing Cisco approved CCDP training, which includes:

Route v2.0 (Implementing Cisco IP Routing): Your employees will learn how to plan, organize, and authenticate the implementation of LAN and WAN routing in your enterprise using different routing protocols.

Switch v2 (Implementing Cisco IP Switched networks): Your IT team will also learn how to design, configure and validate the implementation of switching solutions for your business by using Cisco’s Campus Enterprise Architecture.

ARCH (Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures): This course will prepare your employees to perform theoretical, intermediate and detailed designing of enterprise network infrastructure that will support all desired solutions.

Benefits of CCDP Certified Employees

Speedy completion of IT network projects

CCDP certified employees complete IT network projects 20 percent much faster than their non-certified counterparts do. Your employees will learn how to approach network related tasks in a systematic way, and they will be able to confidently step in to manage networks that have been created by other Cisco certified professionals. This is because CCDP certified professionals share a common knowledge and networking language.

Quickly resolve technical problems

Cisco certified professionals have a solid background in both the fundamentals and familiarity with uncommon situations that enable them to comprehend when problems emerge, and sometimes they are able to anticipate problems even before they occur.

Effective completion of tasks

According to a recent survey, network managers rated certified employees to be 40 percent more effective than uncertified employees. The managers indicated that certified networking professionals are committed to keeping up with technology. Therefore, your employees will bring in new and improved technology and solutions to your business. New technology and ways of solving problems combined with this in-depth knowledge base will greatly contribute to successful completion of projects.

Swiftly come up to speed when onboarding

CCDP certified employees have predictable networking skills that help in quicker onboarding.

Effectively resolve problems

The CCDP certification process will teach your employees methodical approaches on how to set up and manage networks. This methodical approach will greatly contribute to the effectiveness of your employees in resolving problems in your business.

Impact of CCDP Certified Employees to the Performance of your Business

Reduced network support costs

CCDP certified employees should help cut the network support costs by 31 percent. Having in-house network support skills means that you will rely less on external alternatives that tend to be more expensive and time-consuming.

Reduced network downtime

The skills your IT team will acquire will enable them to resolve network related issues more speedily and efficiently. This means that your business will experience less network downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Customer satisfaction

Customer expectations are always increasing which makes it more challenging to maintain customer satisfaction. However, trained and certified employees can change your customer interaction strategies, which can lead to:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Efficient contact centers
  • Enhanced customer information

Your employees will also help improve customer satisfaction by:

Providing Omni channel customer services: Your certified employees will learn how to create interactive customer relationships by improving traditional contact-centers with social media and video.

Work with external organizations: Skilled CCDP certified employees will be able to create scalable and highly secure video, voice and file sharing that will help eliminate geographical boundaries. Additionally, your IT team will create networks that can support web conferencing to enhance communication between your employees and customers. This means that you can interact with clients from all over the world more efficiently.

In the current fast-paced business environments, having an effective and flexible network is essential to your organizations success. Additionally, business needs and workplaces are always evolving which makes it more important for your IT professionals to have the skills to design networks that enhance business performance. Protect the future of your business by investing in employee CCDP certification. For more information, visit Infotec or call 1-800-720-9185.

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