Why VMWare Certifications are a Must for VMWare Technicians

Some time ago a business expansion would mean investing in computer hardware units and servers that would be capable of meeting growing business needs. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, due to the possibility of virtualization. It is possible for companies to run multiple virtualized desktops as well as servers on one machine thus saving cost and space with the highest efficiency rate. These are some benefits that attract companies to virtualization and VMWare.

Now, more companies than ever before are interested in having their employees VMWare certified. The benefits are not just for the employee, but for the company as well. This helps build trust with clients and sets an organization apart for its professionalism and expertise.

Why Does Your Company Need it?

VMware offers companies the opportunity to replace underutilized, disparate devices by replacing them with virtual hosts. Because of this, down time is reduced, thus making it possible for a scheduled hardware repair and replacements.

With so many VMware certifications to offer, it can be confusing to pick which one is right for your company. Fortunately, whichever certification you go for, you can be guaranteed of great benefits company wide. Your choice should be based on your current needs and future company goals.

VMware had one certification the VMware certified professional (VCP). Qualifying for this certification required basic class training attendance and excelling in exams. Distinguished excellence could then lead to one becoming VMware certified instructor (VCI). Today, VMware certifications are diverse and specific one’s IT career goal improvement.

VMware Certified professional

This certificate is a proof of the holder’s ability and skill possession to work with vSphere. To attain the VCP certification it is mandatory to attend a training class led by a qualified instructor. This means you have to attend three classes namely:

  • VMware vSphere install, configure and manage
  • VMware vSphere fast track
  • VMware vSphere troubleshooting

On course completion, a candidate takes the VCP test, which is a general exam with no particular focus on an area. It is a target for vShpere workers mainly users, consultants and partners. An unsuccessful attempt in an exam calls for a seven-day wait out before retaking the exam.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional

This is the next level of VMware certification. It has two branches: infrastructure design and data center administration. The administration part focuses on vSphere administration and support skills. It is meant to target people that deal with complex and large vSphere infrastructure who go beyond the basics. Its focus is on implementing, maintaining and managing vSphere as well as troubleshooting and automation with scripting tools. A VCP certification is mandatory before suiting for VCAP –DCA exam. A class is not mandatory but the recommended approach is to attend one in preparation for the exam. A chance to retake occurs after ten days.

The data center VCAP certification demonstrates knowledge in the vSphere infrastructure design. It focuses on the architect of vSphere infrastructure including network connectivity and storage and component integration. To qualify you need a VCP certification. Taking the vSphere design workshop is a recommendation but not mandatory.

VMware Design Certified Expert (VCDX)

This certification ascertains that the holder has excellent designing skills for the vSphere infrastructures. These certificate holders are considered vSphere masters. To qualify for this certification one must pass in both VCPA-DCA and VCPA-DCD. The only difference is that this certification is awarded after an application to VMware as it is not exam based. On acceptance of your application, you get to submit a design and implementation plan for either a real or a fictitious scenario. The design should include architecture diagrams and documents for support of the infrastructure. When the design is approved, you get to defend it in front of a review board whose satisfaction leads to you being awarded the VCDX certification.

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Why VMWare Certifications are a Must for VMWare Technicians

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