Where to Start: VMWare Certifications you Need to Know

The demand for IT professionals with virtualization skills is at its peak, and it will continue to grow as organizations pursue increased productivity, cost-cutting, and efficiency goals realized by shifting physical IT resources to virtual environments. VMware Certifications can help authenticate and endorse your employees’ skills and knowledge in installing, deploying, and supporting VMware products, and solutions such as Horizon, vSAN, and the vRealize Suite effectively in your organization.

Popular VMware Certifications

VMware certifications are created through exclusive VMware technology, mainly vSphere which means that these certifications change in response to changes in technology. Currently, VMware is phasing out version 7 replacing it with a more advanced Version 7.7. Some of the common VMware certifications include VMware Certified Associate (VCA), VMware Certified Professional (VCP), and VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP). Each of these levels comprises of specific certifications in the areas of technology such as automation, cloud computing, hyper-convergence, networking, and virtual desktop infrastructure.

VMware Certified Professional (VCA)

This is the entry-level certification for VMware training. It targets learners who are new to the field of virtualization. However, it can also benefit your C-Suite executives involved in the decision-making process regarding VMware technology in the organization. The VCA certification validates your employees understanding of virtualization concepts driving the organization towards its digital agenda.

VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

The VMware VCP Certification level targets IT professionals who install, configure, administer, and augment VMware solutions. With a wide, array of about 14 VCP certifications, it is recommended for system administrators and engineers.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)

This is the most advanced level of certification targeting professionals who design, develop, manage, as well as improve VMware solutions. There are nine categories of certifications for professionals performing administrator, architecture, and engineering roles.

How the VMware certification can Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

Saving on Costs

The virtualization brought about by multiple servers reduces the need of running physical servers such as storage space and energy consumption in your organization. By certifying your employees, you reduce maintenance costs for physical servers making sure your organization realizes distributed power management [DPM] and the distributed resource scheduler [DRS] policies.

Virtual Labs

One of the greatest investments brought on board by VMware is the ease of access to virtual labs that enable your organization to conduct software tests, configure, and update the systems without extra effort and time modifying workstations.


By certifying your employees, you are guaranteed of additional safety to your organization’s data. VMware certified employees are trained to create virtual networks where the server is isolated preventing a potential data breach where data may fall into the wrong hands. This improves the company’s reputation among customers and partners.

Benefits of Certifying your Employees with This Certification

VMware is among the most sought after virtualization technologies giving you the opportunity to change obsolete technologies within your organization. As more companies embrace virtualization technologies, it will be important to have VMware certified employees in-house to help reap the benefits of this technology. The main benefits accruing from this certification include


The VMware training covers a wide array of technology subjects pursued under different levels for beginners and experts in the field. This helps your employees to pursue their career goals as they acquire knowledge in various areas of virtualization essential for fields such as system administrators or engineers.

Improved credibility

By certifying your employees, you increase their credibility among colleagues and company clients. Employees who receive credibility from their colleagues improve your organization’s work culture as these employees create a more conducive work environment with their skills and expertise. Additionally, they uphold the reputation of your organization with clients in the industry.

How You Can Help Your Employees Get Through Training

VMware training will require your employees to pass a single exam. If your employees are pursuing advanced professional certifications, they must either undertake a training course or earn a qualification certificate before passing the exam. As an employer, you can support your employees through the certification process by mentoring and coaching them to acquire appropriate skills, knowledge, and insight. You can also invest in your employees by sponsoring for their VMware certifications as a way of keeping up with the dynamics of the workplace.

You can also adopt flexible and on-demand solutions that provide training opportunities for your workers. Normally, employees may be overwhelmed by their workload and career development goals requiring you to create a more conducive environment for employees to engage in training.

Are Your Employees Ready to get Started?

Finding and retaining talent in today’s fast-paced world could be difficult for most employers. One of the best ways to keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic is through regular investments in their skills by promoting VMware training. For more information on how you can train and certify your employees with VMware Certifications, connect with Infotec today.

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