What is the CompTIA A+ Certification and How Can It Help My IT Workers?

If you run a company, whether it's a small business or a large corporation, you probably know well how important it is to have a skilled IT department. There's a reason so many companies are increasing their IT budgets.

Whether you need to beef up your cyber security, keep up with the latest in cloud computing, or take advantage of advances in virtualization and big data, having a robust IT department can go a long way toward helping your business.

That's why it can be a great idea to get your IT staff CompTIA A+ certification. If you want to learn more about CompTIA A+ certification and how it can help your IT workers, read on!

What is CompTIA? What is Their A+ Certification?

CompTIA is a non-profit association that offers third-party certification in several areas of computing expertise. Third-party certifications are a great way for IT workers to verify their skillsets in the areas you need.

Getting CompTIA A+ certification verifies that one has a deep understanding of troubleshooting, problem solving for a variety of operating systems and devices. If your IT department's employees have CompTIA A+, you can be assured that they can handle just about any issue that might arise with your company's computer systems. Anyone working in an IT department can benefit from CompTIA A+ certification.

How can my Current Employees Benefit from CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA A+ certification doesn't just test knowledge that an IT specialist already has. By studying for CompTIA A+ Certification one can learn essential skills that will improve their ability to do their job. When your employees improve at their jobs, your company improves.

How can I Encourage my Employees to Obtain CompTIA A+ certification?

One of the best ways to encourage your employees to pursue CompTIA A+ certification is to provide information getting a formal education. Learning the material needed to pass a certification exam in a formal setting is a great preparation tool.

A formal training course might be the best way to pass along the information your IT workers need and get them certified. After all, you don't want your employee going through the frustration of failing the test again and again. Just like you don't want to have to keep paying for each makeup test!

What are the Benefits of Formal Education?

Although it's entirely possible to achieve CompTIA A+ certification without a training course, a formal education provides an environment where your employees can learn in a structured setting precisely what they need to know to pass the certification exam. They can take the exam confident that you have studied the material thoroughly and that they will be able to take that knowledge and use it on the job.

Do My Employees Really Need Formal Training?

Put simply, certification helps you know precisely what your employees' areas of expertise are. If one employee has certification in an area of expertise that no one else in the IT department has, you know to turn to them if a problem in that area arises. Not having to do guesswork about your IT department will help your company run more smoothly, and will help everyone in your IT department better understand their job descriptions.

Are Your Employees Ready to Start Training?

If you are interested in earning CompTIA A+ certification, or if you want your employees to pursue it, the best way to prepare for it is in a formal, dedicated classroom. At Infotec Training you can take courses in CompTIA A+ certification, as well as a variety of other essential IT certifications that will help you or your employees do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

If you are interested in learning more about our certification classes, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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