What is CTT+ Certification?

The "Certified Technician Trainer" or CTT+ certification is a multi-vendor, cross-industry program that is available and valuable to all technical professionals who provide instruction, education, and/or management over technical teams. The certification itself provides two-fold of benefits: first, it verifies the instructor has obtained a certain standard of excellence in the IT training field and second, it validates their use of new tools and techniques necessary for successfully teaching and managing in today's technical learning environment.

As with most things IT-related, this technical certification program has undergone several changes since its inceptions. First administered in 2001 by The Chauncey Institute, the CTT program was acquired by CompTIA and re-christened as CTT+ certification. The Informational Technology Training Association, Inc. (ITTA) and the Computer Education Management Association (CedMA) have since collaborated and refined the CTT+ certification process to establish and promote professional standards throughout the technical training industry.

Who Should Pursue the CTT+ and Why?

If you own or operate a business with technical professionals and are wondering whether or not an employee should undergo CTT+ training, consider the following key advantages of this certification:

  • CTT+ is trusted by every leading tech organization: Global tech leaders like Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM all accept that the CompTIA CTT+ is verifiable proof that an individual is qualified to teach their programs. This means that if you or your business utilizes any of these companies' programs, then having an in-house instructor with this certification can help ease transition of new employees into your organization and expedite the acceptance of new software throughout your business. Likewise, if your organization trains or works with others to adopt new technologies by such tech groups, then a CTT+ certified employee is a valued asset as a trainer with proven skills and knowledge.
  • CTT+ enables trainers to teach with confidence: Teaching IT-related concepts is not easy. The CompTIA CTT+ is more than just rote knowledge. This important certification program includes in-depth training in the very nature of how to teach technological information. Students of the program will learn how to prepare, present, facilitate, and evaluate training sessions. In fact, part of the CTT+ certification course will require students to make a video submission of a training session instruction to ensure that they have effective teaching skills. For businesses, it is a benefit to have employees who interact with others to take this course. That's because at its core, CTT+ teaches communication. Team members who manage projects and teams or employees who need to regularly communicate with others either in-person or online will find inherent value through the course of this program. The program's ability to teach candidates how to communicate in confidence provides a real value for businesses of all types.
  • CTT+ verifies essential teaching modalities: CTT+ teaches candidates how to lead in an instructor led training facilities as well as how to utilize a blended approach with mobile, video, and other social components. CTT+ thus validates candidates' skills as a top trainer and communicator in both the virtual and physical classroom and similar environment.

Requirements of the CTT+ Certification

Requirements of the CTT+ certification include:

  • Passing a computer-based test that assesses the knowledge of the following 14 Core Competencies as defined by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction:
    • Analyze Course Materials and Lerner Information
    • Assure Preparation of the Instruction Site
    • Demonstrate Effective Communication Skills
    • Demonstrate Effective Presentation Skills
    • Demonstrate Effective Questioning Skills and Techniques
    • Establish and Maintain Instructor Credibility
    • Evaluate Delivery of Instruction
    • Evaluate Lerner Performance
    • Manage the Learning Environment
    • Provide Positive Reinforcement and Motivational Incentives
    • Report Evaluation Information
    • Respond Appropriately to Learner's Needs for Clarification and Feedback
    • Use Instructional Methods Appropriately
    • Use Media Effectively
  • Passing a performance-based assessment via the videotape in which they demonstrate the above 14 skills. This video must depict an actual instructional performance and must be 20 minutes long.

Challenge Yourself and Your Team to Pursue CTT+ Certification

The CTT+ should never be approached as an easy side door into the technical training or managing industry. This is a challenging certification process and one held in high regard by many of the giants in the tech world. This can open the door to a variety of vendor-training options and hones the skills and talents of trainers, tech professionals, and team leaders.

Whether you are a professional looking to improve your skillset, a business owner or operator looking to improve the skill set of your team leaders, or an organization looking to train a new set of technical instructors, the CTT+ is a valuable asset you should absolutely consider pursuing. For more information or to sign up for a CTT+ course, check out the Infotec course schedule. Infotec is a nationally recognized leader eager to provide your tech solutions. For more information, or to step up a training session, connect with Infotec today.

What is CTT+ Certification?

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