What is a Network+ Certification from CompTIA?

Continuing education and workplace training, such as IT certifications from CompTIA, are imperative. Today’s employees want challenges and advancement opportunities. They want to perform at a higher level of operations using better ethics than their predecessors.

Employers know that on a basic level, training and certification opportunities are beneficial to employees and the company. But there’s always that nagging thought, “What if I train them, and they take their new skills somewhere else?”

Employee training and retention go hand-in-hand, says Scott Conley of Naylor Association. Certification opportunities and workplace training can actually increase retention because it provides your employees with a greater sense of self-worth. They feel they are more valuable to your organization.

Employees’ commitment to your company can increase as they recognize you’re willing to invest in them and their futures. “We’ve also noted increased productivity and a decreased need for constant supervision among those employees who participate fully in our professional development activities,” says one HR director.

Certification Training for Your IT Team

While employee continuing education benefits are nothing new, they are changing, and that evolution is largely driven by technological development. -Business News Daily

Every business; small- to mid-size as well as Big 6 has some kind of network management system. Your IT team may be one person or 20. These employees can be onsite, mobile, or offsite at various locations. Job titles for network professionals can include:

  • Computer Technician
  • Help Desk Specialist
  • IS Consultant
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Field Technician
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Systems Engineer

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) Network+ certification is a valuable training that can help grow your IT employees’ business contributions and careers.

What is CompTIA Network+ Certification?

The main goal of this certification is to ensure that your network professionals have mastered the necessary skills required for professionals with over nine months of network support experience. What’s more, this certificate equips your employees with essential skills and knowledge…how to identify network security threats, and how to defend and secure your business network. -CompTIA

CompTIA Network+ certification was designed to increase knowledge and skills in network infrastructure and management. This certification:

  • develops more advanced troubleshooting skills
  • enhances configuration process development
  • improves IT specialists’ ability to not only manage but to design and implement functional networks
  • increases competency in hardware setup; cabling, etc.

Students will learn how to identify the advantages and the problems of your existing network configurations. They will also gain practical knowledge in using network devices (switches, routers) to segment network traffic.

Benefits to Your Business

Improved ability to implement network security standards and protocols may be the main benefit of CompTIA Network+ certification for your team. The better your company manages its technology, the more competitive you’ll be. Top companies stay on top of technology, but most important: They know how to use information to their advantage because knowledge is power.

CompTIA Network+ Certification for IT Employees

You can’t deny that extended learning improves the employee experience, but first things first: Network security is critical today. Your goal to protect your assets – your privacy and your customer/client privacy impacts your brand.

One security breach, and you’ll be doing damage control longer than you want. Your IT professionals need the tools to best protect your network data and client information, especially if you’re on a shared network.

Regulations and compliancy requirements change often. Network+ training helps your IT team develop clear processes and policies to address network security for your organization. “The cost of not complying with these regulations can be significantly high in terms of fines and the time you’ll spend trying to follow up on a network security breach.”

Other benefits your business can realize with CompTIA Network+ certification will be IT employees’ ability to:

  • Add a WAF (web application firewall) to your current network firewall to protect against file intrusion
  • Better educate other employees and users
  • Conduct thorough network assessments
  • Increase business network performance with fewer disasters and downtime
  • Perform “ethical hacking,” which is a way to find stability issues and security risks
  • Protect your computer systems from malware

Taking Care of Business – Your Business: CompTIA Network+ Certification

Infotec IT and Leadership Training customizes the learning experience to work with your company’s specific requirements. All classes are instructor-led. Some are onsite and in-seat. Virtual classrooms can be created for students with travel limitations.

We offer several levels of CompTIA training and certification, including Network+ certification and recertification. Call 800-720-9185 or contact Infotec today for information about certification options for your employees.

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