What is a Green Belt in Six Sigma? Are My Employees Ready?

Every business works hard to differentiate themselves from their competition. A company also wants to find ways to make their business better to improve itself and keep loyal customers coming back repeatedly.

One of the best ways to handle that is through quality control, developing processes, and always evaluating how to continue efforts to improve on all fronts. That is where Six Sigma comes into play. This robust program can not only help improve your efforts but can show prospective and loyal customers alike that you’re devoted to being the best business for them to deal with through certification.

What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology that’s taught to help someone that is certified in Six Sigma to assist their company is striving as close as perfection as possible. It’s all about being able to measure the quality of the organization and making sure that’s it’s as close as possible to perfection. Some other terms that companies may use include Customer Perfection, Zero Defects, or Operational Excellence.

This discipline is taught by showing how the person that’s certified can use a data-driven approach to any process in a company to get it as close to optimal as possible while getting rid of any issues. Some may think that this process is only for manufacturing processes, such as getting their products produced with little defects and slimming down costs, but it can be used for any business process.

What Does It Mean to Be a Green Belt?

Similar to karate or other martial arts, belts are used in Six Sigma to specify the knowledge and expertise of the person with the belt. Black Belt or Master Black Belt level professionals are the ones with the highest amount of experience when it comes to Six Sigma in the same way karate masters are black belts. Green Belt level certification means that the individual will be less trained than a Black Belt, and usually, a Green Belt will be under the supervision of a Black Belt.

The Green Belt is often an excellent certification level for individuals that are mid-level in a company as they supervise others, but have an upper-level of management above them. Engineers, project managers, consultants, and operational management team members are often good candidates for this certification level.

How Can This Certification Help a Business and the Individual Who Earns It?

There are a number of ways that this certification can help your business and the employee that is certified. First, going through this certification program will put this employee in an excellent position to find all of the ways that they can improve the way your company operates and make it better overall.

There may be things that could be done to improve your production, quality, and profits that you’re missing out on, but once certified, the employee is better trained to spot these issues. This certification helps the individual because it gives them additional knowledge and helps to round them out more as an employee.

It also can work to improve your employees’ morale. You’re investing in your employees, and that helps them to know that they are more than just replaceable cogs in the machine. This experience gives them a feeling that each member is important as a team, even if the certification is only offered to a few individuals.

This investment in training can make an employee more loyal to your company. Some companies see that investing in their employees makes them more marketable to other companies and may help them to leave for a better position, but when this benefit is combined with others, it lets your workers know that their future is brighter with a company that helps them succeed.

Do You Want to See the Benefits of Six Sigma in Your Workplace?

There are a lot of benefits that can come from getting an employee certified with a Green Belt in Six Sigma. Are you considering sending an employee to go through certification for a Green Belt in Six Sigma? Contact Infotec today to learn more about our green belt certification program that’s offered. We can go over our upcoming courses and help your company get on track with Six Sigma.

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