What Business Skills are Important for My Employees?

When you hire new employees, you want them possess a diverse variety of skills. While employees with unique abilities can go a long way in your company, there are also some skills that you will want all your employees to have. These skills are essential for producing quality work across numerous fields and levels of expertise. If you want to improve communication and probleem solving around the office, here are a very skills every employee could brush up on!


You might not think that good grammar is essential for all positions. Sure, there are communications specialists, copywriters, and editors who need top-notch grammar. Then what about jobs that don't require constantly working with words?

Grammar is actually essential in every field. When conducting a meeting, for example, communicating with proper grammar is essential for both maintaining a sense of professionalism and for making sure any ideas you want to get across do so clearly.

Additionally, issues involving the IT department will sometimes require explaining complex concepts in language that anyone can understand. The better your grammar, the easier it is to explain something complicated. Ensuring that all your employees have good basic grammar skills will help ensure that your company's lines of communication will always run smoothly.

Decision making and problem solving

Every employee, no matter their job description, is going to have to make important decisions and solve problems on their own. Decision-making is not just the job for an executive. A copywriter might have to make a tough decision about the direction a marketing campaign will take. A web designer will make decisions that affect the first impression the company will make on many people. An office manager might have to make several decisions a day to keep the office running smoothly, whether it's making sure your employees have optimal working conditions, keeping the office organized, and making sure everyone is doing their job.

Problem solving is also an essential skill in this regard. At some point, everyone in your company will encounter a situation that they will have to resolve themselves. Not having to always look for a specialist to resolve problems will make your offices much more efficient.

Additionally, a significant aspect of problem solving involves knowing when you need to find a second opinion. When you ask prospective employees about their problem solving skills, be sure to ask for specific examples. That way you can gauge both their skill at problem solving, and their level of confidence in both resolving problems themselves and in not being afraid to reach out for help if they need it.

Technical writing

Being able to write knowledgeably about your field is necessary for almost any worker. Technical writing is more than just grammar; it's being able to write in depth about the topics you know about. It's not always easy, either.

For example, an IT specialist writing a report for their employer would likely use a different approach than if they were writing for their supervising engineer. In addition to having sound grammar, good technical writing also requires a grasp of writing structure. A piece of writing with impeccable grammar but with no structure and scattered ideas can be unreadable. Good technical writing needs to get ideas across quickly, and convey instructions clearly.

Software asset management

While software asset management (SAM) is usually its own, specialized department, it can help tremendously if your employees have enough facility with your company's software that they can help your SAM department do their jobs to the best of their ability. If your employees understand how your company's software works, they can more easily communicate to SAM department when something goes wrong. When everyone in your company has a basic understanding of your software, it makes your software specialists' lives much easier.

What Business Skills are Important for My Employees?

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