Public Speaking Classes: Can they Help My Employees?

Have you ever asked yourself why firms pay top dollar for a motivational speaker? It’s because they are able to inspire employees to improve their performance. Although your business may not afford to pay scores of motivational speakers, your employees are public speakers each day they are at work and through public speaking training, they may inspire others to achieve your business goals.

Most employers consider soft skills such as positive attitude, strong work ethic, and good communication skills when hiring employees. According to the business dictionary, a good communication skill is “the ability to communicate important information to others both effectively and efficiently.” This means that your employees have to stand out by building their public speaking skills. How else would they be able to convey information effectively to others in your business if they cannot communicate a simple message to them?

Why Employees Need to Know How to Speak and Present Themselves Well When Speaking in front of others

Communication is the backbone of your business. It allows you to influence decisions, form connections, and motivate change in your workplace. Having employees with poor communication skills will limit the progress of your business.

Speech anxiety is one of the most common fears that your employees may have, yet it affects their everyday interactions with other employees and clients. Public speaking is vital due to a variety of reasons including:

Winning over the crowd

One of the skills that your employees especially those in the customer care department need is the ability to persuade. This skill can affect your workplace in different ways and it all starts by mastering public speaking skills. Employees who hone these skills are confident and keep their cool in front of an audience.

Although it’s important to be knowledgeable about the topic being presented, when making a persuasive speech like a sales pitch to your clients, your employees will need to be well-prepared to give answers to the questions presented and to communicate confidently. A great pitch can motivate a client to want to know more.

To motivate others

Employees that can communicate effectively and confidently can motivate others to do or stop doing something, change their behavior, and help achieve business objectives. To do these, they should be able to enliven their employers, coworkers, and customers.

Keep in mind that your employees are business leaders that can influence a client’s decision. Public speaking isn’t just about giving a speech, but also conveying passion and drive. While being knowledgeable is essential, it’s more important to arouse passion and motivate others to make a certain action through public speaking.

To inform

One of the vital aspects of public speaking is the ability to inform. Employees that are able to pitch ideas to employers and clients can help your business prosper. Such employees can easily grab a client’s attention by simply sharing their knowledge of a subject.

Help your Employees Become Better Presenters through Public Speaking Training

Confidence and organization are essential in presentation skills. If your employees lack these two important items, then it is time that you invested in employee public speaking training. Through this training, your employees will develop more confidence and get more organized which will ultimately help build their self-esteem. Other benefits of public speaking training include:

Build employee confidence

Confidence is key in any workplace. Your employees need to be confident in their opinions, ideas, and suggestions. Through public speaking classes, your employees will become more confident so that they can complete their projects successfully and meet deadlines.

Public speaking classes will help your employees deal with their fear of speaking in public by pushing away the negative thoughts and feelings. This will enable them to embrace their professional goals without the fear of failing, facing ridicule, or messing up.

Enhance employee listening skills

Public speaking classes will train your employees on the cues they should look out for through eye contact and body language. This will enable your employees to identify what works and what doesn’t. Public speaking skills will also enable your employees to develop their listening abilities and understand complex concepts. Being able to listen and understand will empower your employees to build upon other ideas.

Teach your employees how to control their thoughts and emotions

Through public speaking training, your employees will learn how to pinpoint specific ideas and thoughts, and also help them control their emotions. While it’s natural to get emotional, public speaking classes will help your employees to control these feeling and use them to their advantage. Employees that have complete control over their emotions are able to think rationally and do their job to the best of their abilities.

Is this Something that Would Benefit Your Employees?

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