New Microsoft Office Features: What Do Your Employees Need to Know?

Did you know that 80% of Fortune 500 businesses utilize Microsoft Office? Or that a recent IDC study discovered that Microsoft Office skills were the third most sought-after skill desired by employers, preceded only by strong oral and written communication skills?

It does not matter what industry you are in or who your audience base is, companies prosper and are best able to compete when they are at the cutting edge of technology. The Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft 365 updates are that cutting edge when it comes to office productivity apps.

Therefore, it is essential for any staff members who work in office-style environments, even if such a position is just the one-person back office manager of a restaurant, to possess fluent Microsoft Office skills.

Training for Microsoft Office 2010

Furthermore, it is not only essential to understand the basics of Microsoft Office, but it is likewise critical for employers and employees to be continually trained in the latest features as this software is always evolving, ever changing to meet the changing needs and demands of modern businesses.

A few of the improvements and features to be a part in this new version of Microsoft include:

  • Word. New navigation pane and text effects on Microsoft Word.
  • Excel. Sparklines, slicers and PivotCharts are new in this version of Excel. These features can help your employees work faster and more efficiently.
  • PowerPoint. PowerPoint is much more than flat slides now. Employees can learn how to apply animation effects, organize slides, and even edit simple video clips.

If your company is anticipating upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010 in the coming year, then now is the time to start enrolling employees in Microsoft training programs. Because many of the features of this upcoming on premise-designed software are already being utilized in Office 365, you can start training today to enjoy immediate and seamless rollout of the program upon its release.

In addition to keeping up to date with the latest Microsoft features, enrollment in a Microsoft Office training course is important for the following two key reasons:

  • Enhancing employee communication abilities. Collaboration is a major part of Microsoft Office software and features. Whether employees are using Outlook to send emails or PowerPoint to create presentations or are co-authoring a proposal via Word, the latest Microsoft applications and features are there to make communication and collaboration more accessible, efficient, and natural. Becoming fluent in these tools today will ensure that employee projects with a new company go off without a hitch.
  • Improving employee productivity. While at its core, Excel is a spreadsheet tool that enables users to easily input and organize information, it can do so much more if employees have the right skills and understanding of the program. Microsoft's latest Excel versions include advanced analytical tools that enable users to easily discover patterns and quickly complete laborious tasks that were once accomplished by only the most experienced of accounting professionals. Excel also includes powerful and interactive data visualization features like Power Map for stronger data analyzing insights.

Companies everywhere understand the importance of Microsoft Office comprehension and earning industry-recognized certification in Microsoft Office. If you are a business executive looking to hire or train new employees, ensuring that they are adept at the latest Microsoft Office features will enhance the collaboration and thereby the productivity of your teams.

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