Microsoft SharePoint Certifications Your Employees Need

Improving office productivity is a must for any business. No matter the kind of work your company does, a boost in productivity goes a long way in increasing the financial bottom line. Microsoft SharePoint assists with this.

The Web based platform makes it easy to share information between different workstations. This way, employees are not constantly walking around to different stations in order to share content. Email also has its limitations. Microsoft SharePoint, provides you with a helpful document management platform in addition to its storage capabilities.

However, the varying configuration settings and features available, most offices do not utilize the program to its full potential. This is why you need to consider providing education to your employees through the form of a Microsoft SharePoint certification. You and your employees should consider these different certifications.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert is one of two globally recognized certifications available for the SharePoint program. It is important to note that certifications are retired from time to time in order to update for new program features. However, once a certification is obtained it is still globally recognized as Microsoft issues the certification.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert SharePoint edition (there are two versions with the other covering Productivity elements outside of SharePoint) generally requires three individual courses prior to taking the certification exam (it is possible to take the exam without the courses, but is not recommended). The first is Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements. To fully extract the most potential out of SharePoint, a better understanding of Office 365 is a must, as Office 365 does come with new features over the standard Office 2016 edition. The second course recommended is the Enabling Office 365 Services. This course provides information on how to activate and use different services within Office 365.

When taking these different courses and passing, your employee will receive the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for Office 365. It does not go into SharePoint just yet, but building a strong foundation on the utilization of Microsoft Office 365 is essential in order to fully understand and take advantage of the features offered by SharePoint.

With the completion of the MCSA, your employee can then take the Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 course. When a new version of SharePoint or Microsoft Office comes out the course coverage will update to the newer version. However, the course itself goes into using SharePoint and how to take full advantage of the programming potential. Once all the courses are passed, it isn't possible to walk right into the exam though. Before taking the exam your employee must have worked within the platform for at least three years. Once the three-year requirement is achieved, they can then move on to take the exam.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

The other certification for SharePoint is offered in the creation of new applications and programming tools within the SharePoint programming framework. The certification your employee should go for depends on what they do within SharePoint and your own needs. Obtaining both certifications is an attractive option. If you and your employee decides to go for both, obtaining the MCSA first is recommended before moving onto this certification.

In addition to demonstrating at least two years' experience within the developer framework, there are four different courses recommended before moving on to the exam. The first is a programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.

Additional courses cover programming, Web design and implementation, similar to learning programming tools within HTML5 and CSS3. From here, the next course goes into developing applications using ASP.NET.

The last two classes goes over how using SharePoint with these programming features can help within the company's network framework. The first SharePoint course is Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 and goes over core solutions. These core solutions are the most common issues with regards to SharePoint and using coding when implementing these new applications.

The second of the two SharePoint courses is Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions. This course builds on the previous information covered in the first SharePoint course. If your company implements customized applications within the network, this is the desired certification to obtain and can should be taken following class completion.

Holding a Microsoft SharePoint certification goes a long way in improving productivity within the office. It also makes employees with the distinction of this certification more valuable and increases their work potential as well. If you're interested in improving the bottom line of your company while offering an added benefit to your employees, Infotec has the SharePoint courses needed to do so. Contact Infotec today about all the available course options and benefits each can provide you and your workers.

Microsoft SharePoint Certifications Your Employees Need

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