Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Requires Training your Employees will Need

PC Magazine says, “Microsoft PowerPoint is the best and most feature-rich slideshow creation and presentation tool.” When you want the best, you go with PowerPoint; end of story. “The (2016) app upgrades help creators do their jobs better… and if you spend a lot of time making slideshows, rehearsing them, and presenting, you’ll want PowerPoint for its ability to keep the process smooth and quick.”

PowerPoint 2016 Designer and Morph

The entire Microsoft 2016 software suite is an end user’s dream, with impressive new features, some of which were upgraded almost minutes after its release.

PowerPoint’s new Designer feature works with the template concept with which you’re familiar; you can use a template or create your own design every slide to suit your needs. You still position the images and text, create your timing and transitions, just as always.

Them you select your Designer tool.

Microsoft’s Chris Maloney says it’s like taking your slides and giving them a graphic designer who knows how improve them even more and wow an audience. During a Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 demonstration, John Brandon of ComputerWorld simply fastened his seat belt and enjoyed the ride:

“It was amazing to see how the Designer feature offered several variations. In a slideshow with some text and photos, the Designer created a new version that put the images into a frame that looked like it was hanging in an art gallery,” said Brandon. You get five from which to choose, and the feature designs are monitored to know which design users choose most often If no one uses the art gallery design, it will gradually disappear.

Another upgrade to PowerPoint 2016 is Morph. PowerPoint’s Morph lets users create animations without taking 2 years of commercial art classes. You create your art, move it around a bit, and Morph then builds the animation based on what you have demonstrated!

PowerPoint 10 vs. PowerPoint 16: Notable Differences

Some businesses are slow to rollout software upgrades, so if you’re still using PowerPoint 2010 here’s what you’re missing:

  • Closed captioning for video – This helps hearing challenged people and viewers who speak English as a second language.
  • Eyedropper – If you like that shade of teal in one presentation or on one page that needs a similar style, use your Eyedropper tool to copy and match colors.
  • OneDrive – Saving, sharing your PowerPoint presentations is easier and safer; your work can be restored easier despite crashes, failure to backup, or accidentally overwriting a co-worker’s content. Your thumbnail displays what changes have been made and who made them.
  • Shape merging – combine and align shapes better.
  • Sharepoint – With large presentations, you had to wait until Fred completed his portions, then Joni inserted her portion, then it’s your turn and then Taylor’s. When deadlines loom large, this was is incredible waste of time. Sharepoint is all about working as a team on large projects. You can view your co-workers’ edits as they’re being made.
  • Touch support – PowerPoint 2016 is easier to use on tablets.

Why Your Company Needs PowerPoint Professionals

RFIs (requests for information) and RFPs (requests for proposal) are used to respond to project perimeters and to bid against other companies for a project. These RFIs and RFPs are usually submitted as PowerPoint presentations. Why would you waste the energy and creativity of your mobile, professional sales team to design a presentation that PowerPoint professionals can do in less time?

You don’t need to hire software professionals when you already have employees dedicated to your company and its mission. Training them to use Word for reports and PowerPoint for presentations is a great way to motivate your staff to express themselves more efficiently and to share their knowledge with your sales and customer service teams.

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