Microsoft Office Specialist: Worth It for Employers to Certify Employees?

If you run or manage a company, chances are good you're using Microsoft Office somewhere in that operation. The set of programs is now being used by 1.2 billion people worldwide, and business activity is responsible for a large portion of that number. It's a fundamental part of the business world that nearly everyone has some ability to use, but very few can claim to have truly mastered.

Getting your employees trained for Microsoft Office Specialist certifications can change that within your organization. These credential attests to an individual's proficiency with advanced functions of MS Office programs; each program has an exam and certification all its own, with Expert and Master levels also available for selected programs. Certifying your employees in the use of these essential tools will increase their productivity, open up avenues for the development of new processes, and increase worker morale by promoting opportunities for them grow their careers inside your company.

Getting More Done

All managers and business owners are familiar with the pressure of time crunches. The operation can't keep going without constant input and there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything you want or need to accomplish. You can circumvent this problem by hiring more staff, but this costly option isn't always feasible for businesses that are already running on slim margins. Restrictions like this can impede the growth of a business and put perfectly viable enterprises in jeopardy.

Using MS Office more effectively can magnify the efforts of each of your existing employees and ensure that your company can churn out the same amount of work in far less time. Once you've gotten the bulk of your business' current workload under control, you can safely hand out more tasks and responsibilities to your employees without risking overload.

This frees up some of your business' work hours to pursue more work and new ventures that can bring you a significant increase in revenue. If that isn't possible, the lessened workload will still reduce the stress of your employees and might boost their performance in other areas of their job instead.

Increasing Organizational Efficiency

Every business has some troubling, over-complicated aspects that do nothing to help the company function and slow things down for everyone. Whether it's confusingly long chains of emails, indecipherable document edits or presentations that never include all the available data or visuals, it may seem as if your workplace's particular productivity plague is something you just have to put up with. If you could fix them, however, you would be increasing the potential productive time in your organization as a whole by a substantial amount.

There are things a proficient user can do with MS Office applications that no one would even think to try unless they already knew it could be done. There may be many more efficient ways to handle your office's needs that are not currently in use in your organization. MS Office Specialists have the in-depth knowledge needed to establish and execute these time-saving procedures. The longer you continue to use onerous, outdated processes, the more money you're leaving on the table - and no business can afford to do that indefinitely.

Driving Success and Advancement

The most prosperous businesses are the ones that are always thinking ahead - not just in terms of strategies or the market, but also regarding their workers' progression. Experts say that employees are happiest and produce the most valuable work when they are being challenged and actively nurtured for career development purposes.

Discouraged employees, conversely, may have trouble giving their work their all when they feel they are doing basic work and aren't getting anywhere in their professional lives. It's a regrettable situation for them, but it isn't optimal for your business either, and it's in your best interest to help them solve this problem.

Purchasing certification training for your workers is one excellent way to do this. Providing opportunities for your employees to upgrade their skills lets them know you're invested in their professional success. Not only will they provide more value for you in their current roles, but this training may give some standout candidates both the skills and the confidence to rise higher in the company and become even more of an asset to you. Most workers have the potential to grow in this way; a good employer recognizes this and makes the most of every person on their payroll.

Microsoft Office is an extremely familiar yet commonly underestimated part of offices everywhere. No matter what industry you're in, your employees can probably put advanced Office skills to good use. Infotec's Microsoft Office Specialist course prepares students for the exam necessary to earn this certification.

It includes instruction in all seven major Office programs and covers the 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions inclusively, so your employees can benefit from it no matter which version your business is currently running. Connect with Infotec today and ask about how you can sign your workers up for a training program that will shape them into the Microsoft Office gurus you need.

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