Microsoft Office Specialist Certification: Are Your IT Workers Ready?

Microsoft Office is a complex and ever-changing set of programs that allow your workers to stay organized and productive. Everyone should be trained in how to use these programs, but your IT support staff needs specialist training in order to cope with questions, problems, and potential issues.

What Could an Office Support Specialist Do at my Business?

Depending on their specialties and certifications, they may:

  • Walk customers though problem-solving resolutions
  • Set up new networks and equipment
  • Provide training to customers using new hardware and software including printers, email and word-processing programs such as Microsoft Office
  • Provide management with information on new, labor reducing software programs
  • Make sure computers have the property security precautions to reduce loss of data
  • Work as a help-desk technician

As computers are a key method of communication, storing data, and a wealth of other uses in business today. Technology experts will continue to play a critical role in keeping data safe and keeping computers functioning.

Microsoft Office Certifications Benefit Employers and Employees

Having an MOS certification is a win/win for both the employee acquiring certification and to the employer:


Certifications could allow these employees to:

  • Help those with certifications get hired as HR directors looking to hire top talent with certified expertise in cloud-focused jobs
  • Having MOS certifications shows potential employers that job applicants have received industry endorsed skills in Microsoft programs
  • Certification shows employers that applicants are a go-getter and willing to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies
  • According to Microsoft, “those that are MOS certified are 20% more productive”


  • According to Microsoft, “new hires with MOS certification reach full productivity sooner,” making them more valuable, sooner
  • A study by Microsoft found that 91% of hiring managers included certification as part of their criteria.
  • MOS certifications show that companies are ahead of the competition and dedicated to succeeding and serving clients.

Offering MOS to Top Level Employees

Some employers that have dedicated computer team members may want to offer to pay for their certification in exchange for committing to working at their job for a minimal amount of time. While this is greatly benefitting the employer, who gains an employee that has increased knowledge in computer and Microsoft troubleshooting, they also gain an employee that has a deeper level of dedication to their job and the organization in which they work as they have invested in their future.

Best Resource for MOS Certifications

Many leadership teams looking to elevate their employee’s computer and Microsoft Office expertise often choose to send their employees for certification training. One of the best resources is Infotec IT Leadership Training, which provides Microsoft Office Specialist Certification training. They offer top quality instructors and flexible training schedules. They offer numerous Microsoft certification programs certain to meet just about any need and skill set. For more information, connect with an Infotec employee today to discuss your business's IT training needs.

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