Microsoft Certified Trainer: An Asset to your Entire Office?

We’ve all been there. Someone who didn’t understand how to use the table function in Microsoft Word created one the old-fashioned way—by counting spaces—and then, surprise, left the company. It’s your job to edit that makeshift monstrosity. Can it be done without laboriously re-entering all the data?

Meanwhile, another co-worker has been asked by the boss to set up a series of monthly pivot tables but never got as far as MS Intermediate level Excel training and isn't sure exactly what a pivot table is. Three or four other people in various departments around the company knew how to use them once upon a time, and now they’re all gathered around and offering conflicting advice.

Camaraderie and cooperativity create a happy, positive atmosphere in the workplace, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone in the office got some work done? How wonderful would it be if there were a trained professional on hand, day in, day out, who knew everything there was to know about getting the most value out of all Microsoft products? Everyone could take their table-setting problems to that dedicated Microsoft Certified Trainer while everyone else got on with their day.

What are Microsoft Certified Trainers, and what can they offer employers?

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are trained to a sufficiently high standard in Microsoft technology and products that they are the only individuals who are authorized to officially train IT professionals for Microsoft certification programs. Why should companies have an onboard MCT?

  • In February 2012, CompTIA conducted a study to gain an understanding of what IT skills were in demand and to identify any ongoing or projected skills shortages. In their full report, State of the IT Skills Gap, CompTIA revealed that 93 percent of US companies felt they were lacking in that area.
  • According to the CompTIA report, 5 Reasons Why Employers Look for IT Certifications, 82 percent of hiring managers prefer candidates who are professionally certified in their fields of expertise.
  • The potential range of expertise of Microsoft Certified Trainers extends well beyond Microsoft Office products. Microsoft trains and certifies IT professionals for all of its products, including, but not limited to, Specialist Certifications in Windows 10 devices; Windows 7, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and Virtualization. You can, of course, employ an MS Office Specialist if that's what your organization needs.

The MCT qualification is on a rolling program, meaning professionals must pay an annual fee and renew their certifications regularly. Having on on-site MCT means companies have someone on hand to coach users with day-to-day questions. This places them in an ideal position to identify IT training needs on a company-wide basis and schedule group training courses accordingly.

Microsoft Training professionals have access to a realm of resources they can place at the disposal of their employer, too. They receive access to the full body of Microsoft training literature, substantial discounts on books and products, invitations to exclusive member events and programs, and membership in an exclusive online community. Help is always close at hand, and there is unlikely to be a question that is too tough to tackle or that hasn't been encountered before.

How does someone acquire this certification?

The perceptive employer will look for the Microsoft Trainer certification on resumes when they are hiring IT staff. If the need arises after they're in post, or you become aware of it after having read this article, then you can approach a company like Infotec IT & Leadership Training to train and certify people already under your wing.

In addition to the MCT program, Infotec offers training and special certifications for all of the programs mentioned above, as well as Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSD), Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) certificates in server infrastructure, desktop infrastructure, private cloud computing, data platform, business intelligence, messaging, communication, and SharePoint. Additionally, it prepares students for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) and Microsoft Certified Solution Associate certifications.

If you recognize a need for this type of training, or we can fill a void in your company's IT skills, why not give us a call at Infotec and see how we can help.

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