Linux+ Training for IT Professionals

What separates the successful businesses from the ones who simply get by? Profits and strong consumer demand are obviously high on the list and are often the first thing on the docket of any business meeting. However, another key aspect of business success that frequently is overlooked is the staff. Successful businesses are comprised of employees that are engaged in their work, excited to be a part of the company, and have the education and skills to innovate and propel the business forward. One way to do this is to invest in an extreme bootcamp.

Invest in Your Assets with Employee Training

Your employees are a vital business asset. That said, businesses should take caution to never to rely too heavily on one savvy professional as even the best employee is only human. Emergencies occur, mistakes are made, and trusted employees may be lured away by attractive business offers. So instead of hiring one skilled employee, consider the benefits of investing in your professionals with continued training. Particularly in the arena of your IT professionals.

Invest in Linux+ Training for IT Professionals

Linux is not some obscure computer software utilized only in specialized industries. Rather, this is an open-source, UNIX-like operating system that Americans use every day whether they realize it or not. Nearly all supercomputers and cloud servers today run Linux, as does the Android smartphones in your pocket and likely the in-car GPS on your company cars. When a person logs into their online banking system or try to order a product from your website or an affiliates', they are likely corresponding with Linux servers in the cloud.

In terms of operating system competitors, Linux primarily competes with Windows and Apple, although iPhones and Mac computers all use a style of UNIX. Some of the advantages Linux has over these competitors and why it is so important for IT professionals to be trained in it include:

  • More secure. Companies that operate with a Windows OS absolutely cannot do so without the latest in antivirus software. This is because the vast majority of malware is written for Windows both because of its popularity among general home users and its low-level default privacy settings. In contrast, virus and malware are virtually nonexistent in the Linux world and those few that do exist are rarely effective against the more secure Linux OS.
  • Less expensive and time-consuming. If you have IT professionals who are responsible for more than 10 servers and computers, then one of your concerns is likely going to be prices affiliated with updates, repairs, and downtime. With Windows, if you need to download non-native software and install separately. With Windows and Microsoft updates, things get expensive, fast. In contrast, on Linux updates can be made across the entire system by simply opening Terminal, typing one command and then enjoy seamless connections to install and deploy new updates. Plus, Linux OS is completely free and can be installed on both new and old hardware devices.

Are Your IT Professionals Ready for Linux+ Training?

If your company runs Linux or is considering the move to Linux or if you have IT professionals who design your website, build applications, or otherwise work and collaborate in a virtualized system, then consider investing in your IT professionals with Linux+ training and certification. Linux+ training is a valuable commodity and is particularly important in the world of IT. Whether you opt to move more towards Microsoft or Apple in the future, it is important for your IT team to be well-rounded and have a strong foundation in a myriad of systems including Linux.

Get Your Team Onboard with Group, Onsite Training with Infotec

Ready to get your team of IT professionals on the same plane with Linux+ training? At Infotec, we offer onsite extreme IT boot camp training in an array of tech arenas including Linux. Our Linux+ courses are led by industry experienced and proven instructors with vendor authorized materials and include labs to allow your IT professionals to apply knowledge skills and test out new techniques and tips. Additionally, at the end of each boot camp series, Infotec includes on-site certification testing so that your team will have the letters to prove their competency and fluency in Linux and any other tech arenas you wish them to become more proficient. Upon graduation, you will have direct access to our instructors should you need any other continuous coaching support.

Don't delay any longer. No matter what industry niche your business is in, to grow and succeed in today's world requires IT professionals with solid understanding of your operating systems. So this year, invest in your team and improve their skills and IT capabilities today so that they can take your company to new heights tomorrow. Contact us today at Infotec Training to learn more and to schedule an onsite or remote extreme bootcamp for 2018.

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