IT Certification Boot Camp Advice for Employers

As an employer in the tech industry, you have probably heard of IT bootcamps and the certifications that they provide, but are reluctant to send your workers to them because you are unsure of what value they will add to your day-to-day business. Here's some more information about the benefits of IT bootcamps and how they benefit employees and employers.

A Faster Way To Learn

The term bootcamp might invoke images of crawling through mud and instructors screaming in your face, but the modern IT bootcamp couldn't be further from that method of teaching. IT bootcamps have emerged as one of the most effective methods of preparing employees for the rapidly changing landscape of the tech industry by focusing on fundamental skills and teaching new competency areas at an accelerated rate.

While there is a measure of intensity to this learning model, the emphasis is not on conformity or discipline so much as on flexibility and consistency. When it comes time to take the certification exam, the result is not how much time was spent on the material but how accurately it can be recalled and implemented.

Putting Classroom Lessons Into Action

One of most heavily emphasized learning outcomes sought in a bootcamp is the ability to practically demonstrate the classroom lessons for the instructor before moving on to new material. Accountability is the hallmark of a bootcamp course and it is important to grasp and demonstrate knowledge in the area before any further lessons are taken.

This linear and scaled approach can be odd to professionals who have done the majority of their learning at a higher learning institution, where an independent study of material and high examination scores are the primary methods of passing or failing a course. In the bootcamp model, every step in the lesson plan must be passed in the order that they are presented to create a knowledge base that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Proven Instructors and Learning Materials

Bootcamps are only helmed by the top instructors in the business, those that know the material so well that they can teach it backward and forward at a high rate of speed. They also stick only to up-to-date vendor authorized learning materials to maximize the veracity of all lessons. Many instructors are not only instructors but also have their own career in the industry that has prepared them to teach not only to the test but also the fundamental skills that are most used on a daily basis by IT professionals. They are not just instructors of a technical subject, but business coaches who are driven to see their students succeed beyond the last day of class.

Mobile Learning To Fit Your Business

Another advantage of sending your employees to a bootcamp is that you may not need to send them very far at all. While sending them to a university or even online school from home may see them out of the workplace for quite some time, many bootcamps can come right to you. Mobile instructors and labs can set up where you need them to and allow your employees to seek professional development while permitting them to stay on top of their current duties at the office.

Certifications Made Easy

Certification exams are notoriously difficult. It is sometimes common for otherwise qualified personnel to stumble at attaining necessary certifications and need to take a test multiple times. The ultimate outcome that bootcamps aim for is to only need to take the examination once. This not only reduces expenses for test fees but also gets prospects to work faster and leads to work being done at the level of quality that is necessary for a business to prosper. As exams are often scheduled for the last day of class, the material will still be fresh in your employee's mind as they take the crucial certification exam.

A Better Choice

The tech industry never slows down, and it seems like new technology and certifications pop up every day. You need your workforce to upgrade their skills as quickly as possible, but you also need them to retain these new skills and put them into practice just as quickly. An IT bootcamp is one of the best ways to achieve both of these goals at a lower price in both time and money.

Take a closer look at some of these instructional opportunities and ask yourself not only what new skills these employees will bring to your business but also how quickly they will themselves be able to supervise and train others in these essential technical procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about how an IT bootcamp can prepare your workforce for the ever-changing realities of the tech industry please contact Infotec to schedule a no-obligation in-person or online consultation appointment.

IT Certification Boot Camp Advice for Employers

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