IT Bootcamps: How Do I Know if my Employees are Ready?

It is a benefit to any organization to have highly qualified and skilled professionals in their IT department. With how fast information technology is moving these days even the most highly certified workers need to devote themselves to lifelong education just to keep up with the rapidly shifting playing field.

IT boot camps exist to fill in the gaps and to help working professionals achieve their next-level certifications in an accelerated learning environment and can be a powerful tool for the right employee. However, it is clear that IT boot camps are not for everyone and they are not a sure-fire path to success. With this in mind, how do you determine if your employees are ready to make the most of the opportunity when it is presented?

How To Evaluate Your Employee Readiness

When evaluating employees you need to look beyond just their job performance. While it may be tempting to only send your high-performing employees to boot camps the truth is that truly excellent and highly competent employees may not get the most out of the camp. In a sort of counter-intuitive fashion, an employee who is struggling in their job or lagging behind the latest certification courses may be a better candidate who can significantly expand their horizons in the course of their boot camp experience. When performing your evaluation you should not exclude candidates based only on job performance. However, there are certain qualities that lead to greater success as a boot camp student.

Essential Qualities

Makes an Effort to Do Research

One of the most underrated qualities of IT employees is curiosity. An employee who admits that they do not know much about a certain area but is willing to take the time to look it up is a good candidate for a boot camp. Those that use their personal time to do independent research even when there is no crisis on the horizon shows that they just might be ready.

Has Been Exploring a New Role

There are plenty of employees who are perfectly capable and happy to operate inside the box of their job description, but for those that show that they want to go above or beyond it could be an indicator that they could be successful when they are sent to do additional training.

Is a Self-Starter

While all workers may need a certain amount of direction throughout the workday, keep an eye out for those who hop to their tasks with minimal prompting.

Displays Good Communication Skills

This is an indicator of success because time is at a premium in the boot camp environment and a student needs either to understand the material the first time it is presented or be able to communicate their lack of understanding in a succinct manner.

Is Resolute in the Face of Adversity

Keep an eye on how employees respond to setbacks during the course of their employment and how they react to stressful days. Those that keep on throwing themselves into solving a problem even when they are frustrated may be ready for the boot camp.

Thrives Under Pressure

Boot camp can be intense, and not everyone can handle the pressure. Be sure to identify those who actually thrive and produce when they are under pressure.

Signs That an Employee May Be Ready For Boot Camp

In addition to the qualities that you have observed, take into account their recent actions. How they are conducting their typical workday may tell you how ready they are to take on the responsibility that comes with an IT boot camp.

  • Have they been more proactive lately?
  • Have they been angling for additional assignments?
  • Have they been helping other employees?
  • Have they taken responsibility and shown ownership?
  • Have they dealt well with a recent failure?
  • Have they shown talent but that flair has not always translated to their work?

While this analysis of an employee may result in a good candidate, keep in mind that you should also trust your intuition. If an employee doesn't meet these criteria but nonetheless strikes you as ready for a challenge regardless of where they happen to be in their career, consider them for any educational opportunities that you may be able to throw their way.

Are your Employees Ready?

Do you think you have employees who will benefit from the instruction that they will receive in a high-intensity IT boot camp? Infotec offers Extreme Bootcamps that are designed to maximize the amount learned in a minimal investment of time and money. Visit our website or call us today for more information on how a boot camp can help your employees and your business.

IT Bootcamps: How Do I Know if my Employees are Ready?

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