IT Bootcamp Training Courses for Your Employees: The Benefits and Challenges

You should always be concerned about retaining your best employees. You want to do what’s best for your business and employees to keep everyone happy, energized and productive. While coffee and doughnuts are a good way to start, they won’t go far.

There will come a point at which one of your IT professionals will ask you what your business policy is on employee certification. Alternatively, you may already be considering investing in employee training. A branch of management theory proposes that investing in employees is the best decision that you can ever make.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Employee Certification

  • To improve professionalism and workplace methodologies
  • Certifying existing staff is cheaper than hiring certified staff as consultants
  • To improve employee acquisition, morale, and retention
  • To enhance the value of human capital
  • Certified employees will have a greater skill set that leads to new client engagement.

Certify Your Employees Quickly and Easily Through an Extreme IT Bootcamp

Due to the changes in IT needs, businesses are ensuring that their workers undergo quality training that can provide them with practical hands-on experience, up-to-date knowledge, and skills in a limited period. Because of time and budget constraints, the best solution is a boot camp. Boot camps teach specific skills, technologies or tools over a limited period in a distraction-free environment. Boot camp classes have live servers and other crucial hardware that adds value to the classroom experience.

How Extreme IT Bootcamps Help Employees Who Need to be certified

According to a 2014 Gallup survey, about 17 percent of business leaders in the U.S. believe that graduating students are not competent enough to help them meet their business goals. However, when employees complete an extreme IT Bootcamp, they gain enough experience and can increase their productivity.

One of the most important benefits of extreme IT boot camps is the instructor. The extreme boot camp instructors have years of experience that they can share with your employees. They also know the main exams inside out and will guide them and help them pass their exams. The instructors provide systematic explanations of the materials covered on the extreme IT exams, and employees don’t have to worry about holes in their knowledge because the instructor ensures that they completely cover the body of knowledge that should be mastered for the exam.

Benefits of Experienced Instructors

  • As experienced IT professionals, the extreme IT instructors provide insight into the employee's work.
  • Instructors ensure that the knowledge your employees will acquire connects to their day-to-day IT activities.
  • Boot camps offer a hands-on experience more than book knowledge, and your employees will be better prepared to apply this knowledge to work.

Instructors also pass invaluable information about the extreme IT exam. They will prepare your employees for the exam so that there will be no surprises on the test day. Having a live instructor for a few days is the most important benefit of an extreme IT boot camp.

Benefits of Sending Your Employees to an IT Boot camp

It’s difficult to justify sending your IT staff to an offsite training for a few days after all the workload won’t pause because they’re away. However, the benefits of sending your technical employees are greater. Sacrificing your employees for an extreme IT boot camp means that your IT team will run smarter, stronger and more efficiently. Your technical team will return from offsite training with skills and knowledge that will result in revenue and retention. Other benefits include:

Improved capacity to adopt new technology: Extreme IT boot camp sessions will introduce your employees to new technologies that may otherwise take your organization months or years to implement. When your employees discover new and exciting ways to complete tasks, progress is made.

Regulation compliance: As hard as you may work to remain compliant, it’s beneficial to get firsthand information on new regulations from third-party professionals. Your IT employees will gain a better understanding of compliance regulations and how to remain compliant without disrupting business activities. This will give you peace of mind that your business’s reputation and clients are protected, and you won’t incur expensive fines.

Increased efficiency: Employees who work smarter tend to be more productive and can take on more complex tasks. This will lead to reduced expenses and increased revenue. This is perhaps the strongest reason for an extreme IT employee boot camp.

Challenges for Businesses and Employees when Receiving Training

  • Delivering consistent services around the world
  • Expanding employee knowledge
  • Increasing employee product knowledge
  • Improving learning effectiveness

Employee training is extremely valuable. It ensures that your employees are gaining industry knowledge that enables them to work smarter. Visit Infotec today and learn more about the IT extreme Bootcamp training course.

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