Extreme Bootcamp for IT Workers: What is it Really Like for Your Employees?

Employee boot camps have become all the rage in many sectors of business and industry, and the IT field is no exception. Based on a military model, IT bootcamp has different goals but similar methods in creating an intense, low-distraction setting for learning.

Intensive training from skilled, certified instructors can take your employees to the next level in terms of productivity as they gain certifications. Your budget may be limited, so you want to ensure you get the best results for your training investment. Extreme IT bootcamp could be the answer.

What Is an Extreme Bootcamp for IT Workers?

The IT environment changes quickly, and computer professionals need to be on the cutting edge of those changes, acquiring skills, knowledge, and experience as technology advances. In addition, they need to do it in the shortest time possible. An accelerated boot camp, with intense concentration on the course material and minimal distraction, helps enrollees master the subject quickly so they can quickly apply what they've learned to their jobs.

Think of an extreme bootcamp as an accelerated system of learning, but also a crash course. In most cases, they last from a few days to a few weeks. Students receive training that is within the employer's budget, but that reduces the time away from their jobs. These accelerated programs help employers attain a greater number of certifications within a shorter period, so results from training funds are maximized.

Extreme Bootcamp Courses

So what certificates would you like your IT professionals need to update their knowledge and skills? Here are a few that might work for your company.


There are a number of Cisco certifications your employees may aim for, including the Cisco cybersecurity specialist, certified network design associate, and network associate security. You can update skills in Cloud, routing and switching, mitigating security threats, troubleshooting, wireless, and many other topics pertaining to Cisco networking systems.


A leading trade association for the computer industry, CompTIA issues certifications in a number of areas, including for computer technician in common hardware and software technologies. Skills acquired are configuration, installation, diagnosing, maintenance, and basic networking.


The need for certification in cybersecurity is increasing in today's IT world, as more businesses, government agencies, institutions, and individuals report malicious hacks and theft of data. A computer hacking forensic investigation (CHFI) certification could be what your employees need to tackle cyber-attacks, data loss, and digital IP theft.

Fiber Optics

Reliance on fiber optics to facilitate communications, establish network connections, and deliver client services is growing. Your employees may benefit from certifications in certified fiber optics installer, designer, or technician, or data cabling installer.


ITIL (information technology infrastructure library) offers a set of detailed practices for service management, progressing from foundation to various degrees of depth and detail.


Attaining a Microsoft specialist certification validates skills and knowledge in particular specializations of technology. These exams are required for Microsoft Partner Network competences, and are a mark of distinction for the company whose IT workers have them. IT professionals earn a Microsoft Certified Professional competency, then may proceed to earn additional credentials.


VMWare is a leader in digital workspace technology and cloud infrastructure, and can speed up digital transformation in your IT environment. Attaining a VMWare certification demonstrates the holder of VMware Certified Professional status can employ VMWare products successfully, and qualifies the holder to attain further certifications


Attaining a certified wireless network administration certificate provides a foundation for other Wi-fi certifications. It demonstrates the holder has the skills to survey, install, and administer enterprise Wi-fi networks.

The Right Bootcamp

Out of the many IT bootcamps that are advertising, you will want to select one for your employees that offers certain features. Here are some things to look for:

  • Mobile lab (if training on-site is preferred)
  • Experienced, certified instructors
  • Vendor authorized materials
  • Modified structures supporting business/command requirements
  • Accountability tracking
  • Practice exams available anytime
  • Tips and techniques to enhance test taking success
  • Coaching support
  • On-site certification testing
  • Exam on last day of class

So is it all Worth It?

Time is money when it comes to your budget, and you need your team to ramp up and attain competency in their specializations ASAP. Infotec's Extreme Bootcamp can prepare students to take their certification exams in just a few days, as well as acquire applied knowledge for their jobs once they return to work. For more information, connect with Infotec today to discuss how IT training can work for you.

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