DCIC Certification: Could Your Business Benefit?

Technology has led to improved communication through fiber optics. It has ensured that data and information are relayed more easily. Since the ushering of the internet and advancement of telecommunication systems, businesses have been able to minimize geographical barriers in business activities. Information technology has appreciated the emergence of the structured cabling system.

Computer cabling in communication has come along and created a new way of living. Businesses have become the biggest beneficiary since they can transact business with their customers across the globe. As long as they are connected to the internet, they can conduct commerce all around the world in a way that has never been before. Cabling not only carry data across networks, but alarm signals, audio transmission, and serial communications have been made possible.

Importance of computer cabling for your business

Businesses running with low network could be less productive. This may frustrate your business and your staff. As much as you would try to address the problem, it is important to note that network cabling is not the problem but poor cabling. To understand all these, let us find out how network cabling could be of great importance for the success of your business.

  • Speed and high reliability- Choosing the right cabling system are paramount. The fiber optics technologies have made it communication secure and more reliable. Who thought that it would reach an era where data can be transferred at 100+ Mbps?
  • Solutions to your business needs- Network cabling provided versatile communication solutions to your data transfer and a vast range of your communication requirements.
  • Cost is taming- It is a cost-effective solution to your business activities. An effective cabling system reduces power, maintenance, and overhead costs. Highly well structured cabling system provides an unlimited flow of information and can cope with high demands within your business.
  • Addresses the risk of downtime- Structured cabling system can reduce the risk of workflow disruptions and downtime. It enhances easier identification and reduction of human faults through timely troubleshooting.
  • Improved flexibility- structured cabling system improves your business performance and drives its growth. It enhances convenient accommodation new moves, ads and changes and optimum adaptability with other network systems are achieved.
  • Enhanced investments- it enhances reliable IT infrastructure and the growth of your business. It does this by ensuring that your business is scalable and is capable of handling changes in the industry thus initiating and supporting the development of new services.

Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC)

This is a designed data cabling training program. A cabling installer certification will provide in-depth knowledge of basic concepts of cabling installation and services. The knowledge acquired then will be applied to all the procedures needed for competent installation and maintenance of communication cabling.

Data Cabling Installer Certification measures the competencies of your workers since they are non-vendor specific. It provides the IT industry with a groundbreaking vendor-neutral certification for skilled fiber and copper cable installers. Trainers acquire the knowledge and skills needed to tackle a mandatory Data Cabling Installer Certification tests so that they can become certified cabling installers.

What does DCIC training Program Entail?

Being widely recognized and also as a hiring criterion it comes with a training guide that has;

  • Basic Standards and Practices
  • Cable Installation and Management
  • Industry Standards
  • Understanding Blueprints
  • Cable Ratings and Performances
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Pulling Cable

The training is comprehensive. It blends a perfect combination of practical and theoretical testing, installation, survey and maintenance services for the provision of the required skills and knowledge. The official Data Cabling Installer Certification proves that a specific individual is qualified and can partake in cabling installation projects. The certification also conforms to the required standards in the IT industry including, BS EN, TIA and ISO and even the ethics needed for best practices.

Unlike other programs, DCIC is mandatory for any individual working within the IT industry and cabling installation infrastructure environments. This program can be of benefit to project managers, Network engineers, and even data center technicians.

What does it mean for a business to have someone who is DCIC certified on staff?

For a business with a team of certified staff, it will directly deliver confidence and competitive advantage in the highly competitive industry. It also helps to secure your firm's reputation as a leader in the industry. Having a DCIC trained and certified staff will ensure that work and business activities will be done with high levels of competence, accuracy, and efficiency.

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