CompTIA Project+ VS PMP: What Certification Should Your Project Manager Take?

When focusing on a specific program or piece of hardware, certification exams are offered by the creator and developer of the content. Once obtaining a certification, your employee instantly demonstrates their proficiency using the program, application, or hardware in question. Holding such a certification can prove beneficial when working with that item as demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the material, often more so than can be obtained through on the job experience.

However, as a project manager, the certifications can vary. While gaining certifications for specific programs is desirable, there are also certifications offered specifically for a project manager position. These certifications come from different organizations. CompTIA Project+ and PMP are two such certifications.

In all likelihood, it is valuable to hold certifications from both organizations, yet it may not be financially possible to do so. If you have a project manager and want them to take their education and job skills to the next level, which certification should you send them to training for? Here is an in-depth look at the two opportunities.

Is There a Difference?

Before looking at the two different project management certifications, you'll likely wonder if there is much of a difference between the two. The flat answer is yes.

CompTIA Project+ certification is designed for individuals who are entry level or beginner project manager. A PMP certification is when you already have ample experience in the position. So, realistically, you'll already know what certification is right for your employee based on their amount of time within the field. If they're fresh out of college, still in college, or have just started working as a project manager in the last year or two, the CompTIA Project+ is the best option for them. If they've been on the job for several years, PMP is the way to go.

What is the Benefit of Each Certification?

With most certifications, the certificate holders are constantly required to update their education and update the certification every few years to stay current. In terms of programming and hardware that makes sense. Every release comes with new features, so knowing how to utilize these features is necessary.

The education base doesn't change like this as a project manager. That is why the Project+ certification is for life. Once you have it, you have it forever. You don't need to re-apply for certification after a year or two. This alone makes it a valuable opportunity for your employee if they are an entry-level project manager and want to expand their current skills.

If they've have been working as a project manager for five years or more, they have been through a wide range of challenges and had to deal with a lot. Going after an entry-level certification at this point likely won't do much good. It is why you need to turn to the PMP certification for your employee.

PMP instantly shows possible clients your project manager not only have worked in the field for some time, but they have the education to back it up. The major benefit of a PMP certification is simply setting your project manager apart from other professionals who have worked as project managers for longer periods.

What is Covered in the CompTIA Project+ Certification?

Before you go into any certification course, you need to know what is covered. The CompTIA Project+ certification covers a range of technology and project management skills. Some of the topics a certification course dives into includes project feasibility, project stakeholders and project risk management, strategy, statements of work, plus managing quality, time and costs.

What is covered in the PMP Certification?

Short for Project Management Professional, the purpose of the PMP certification is to go into understanding the global language of project management in addition to how it connects with other professionals around the world. PMP is one of the few worldwide certifications globally accepted. This turns into a major benefit for certification holders. If you are interested in potentially working overseas, having a PMP will demonstrate your heightened knowledge and experience working as a project manager.

Which Certification is Right for My Employee?

Both the PMP and CompTIA Project+ certifications are beneficial and you really can't go wrong holding a certificate with either. The best certification may just depend on what kind of job your employee holds for and how much time they have to go after the certification before applying for a new job. While each individual has their own needs, it is important to make sure your employee is prepared for a certification exam.

So if you're interested in improving your employee's skillset and abilities, now is the perfect time to contact Infotec and discuss the different course options dedicated to project management certifications.

CompTIA Project+ VS PMP: What Certification Should Your Project Manager Take?

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