CompTIA Linux+ Training Your IT Department Needs

CompTIA Linux+ certification is an excellent certification for employees who work on Linux systems. This is a vendor-neutral certificate which is revered the world over. The primary intent of this certification is verify skills and knowledge relating to using Linux in a business environment. Those who do acquire this certification will be able to work more efficient and effectively within Linux systems. In fact, this certificate is of a very advanced and technical level, and it requires that the candidate have some background skills and knowledge on which the certification will build upon.

Those IT specialists who describe themselves as diehards of open source operating systems, and would like to enhance their abilities by learning technologies other than Microsoft, should find exploring the Linux world quite interesting. Linux has taken up a sizeable market share, which by no doubt is expanding if their trend in the past decade is anything to go by.

Linux server operating systems are enjoying increased popularity, and this is what led to the considerable growth. A Linux certification might be deemed as unachievable due to the many variants of Linux. However, this CompTIA offered certificate is not only feasible but vendor neutral.
What is the Linux+ Certification?
The CompTIA Linux+ is a type of information technology credential, which validates the skills, and knowledge of persons with at least 6 months of practical experience in Linux. Professionals that need to certify their technical knowledge and skills in basic installation, troubleshooting, and operation for Linux operating systems have to consider a Linux certification.

The knowledge and skills measured in this exam are developed with global input to assure validity, reliability, and accuracy. Achieving the CompTIA Linux+ certificate means the following.

  • Your employees can relay and demonstrate knowledge of user administration
  • Your employees can explain basic open source resources and licenses
  • Your employees can manage computer network protocols and local storage devices
  • Your employees understand software configurations and file permissions

Linux+ training is not limited to prospective employees in search for lucrative positions, but also to management heads looking to gain competitive advantage. If your company uses Linux-based systems, a staff, which is certified in Linux administration, is certainly a strategic asset.

CompTIA Linux+ certification is powered by the LPI (Linux Professional Institute) which means that anyone considering to pursue a career working with LPI has a great opportunity presented to them in the form of this certificate.

Benefits of CompTIA Linux+ certification

The importance of securing systems in the world of IT is not a secret to anyone. The demand for the ability to support and configure systems security is overwhelming. The filing of support activity and its comprehension has a major influence on how effective an IT support department can be. These are among the primary reasons why the Linux+ exam has a new set of objectives that focus on security and documentation.

Additionally, CompTIA Linux+ certification is vendor-neutral and is respected by most vendors around the world. This implies that people who get certification can apply for jobs at any of these vendors:

  • IBM
  • Google
  • Boeing
  • Major government contractors
  • U.S Department of Defense

The Linux+ Certification offers great career opportunities for employees who want to advance, such as:

  • Junior Linux Administrator
  • Junior Network Administration
  • Web Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Linux Database Administrator

Completing the exam and earning the Linux Certification is more than likely once you register your employees for a Linux training program, which will prove to be quite helpful. Linux training is usually aimed at providing quality content so the candidates can enjoy all the available benefits.

Because of the vendor-independent nature of Linux, there is a strong need for a basic and comprehensive Linux certification in the industry. Obtaining this certification is bearing proof of validity, skills, and knowledge of technologies from Linux.

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