CompTIA CySA+ Certification for your Employees

In the 21st century, cyber-attacks, third party hacks into your company's computer networks, are the norm rather than the exception. A malicious intrusion into your company's computer system does not need to be of the same magnitude of notorious global hacks such as those that affected Delta Air Lines or WannaCry to have a devastating effect on your business.

Confidential data may be stolen, triggering hefty fines and citations for failure to comply with data protection regulations. These events snowball into customer dissatisfaction, damage to your organization's reputation, delays, more fines, and even product recalls. A denial of service attack will seriously inconvenience and upset your customers while trashing your public image.

In order to protect your customers and stay compliant with regulations, you can get all of your IT personnel CySA+ certified. Arrange training for your existing staff and look for the certification on the resumes of all new hires. This step can save your firm valuable time and money while protecting its reputation.

What is the CySA+ certification?

The CompTIA CySA+ is a qualification issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association, which is a nonprofit trade association that issues professional certifications for the information technology industry. A CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst is someone who uses behavioral analytics to identify and combat computer malware and advanced persistent threats to your information system. Formerly known as CompTIA CSA+, the acronym is being update to CySA+, a process that will be completed in June 2018. Content for the CySA exam has been collated from feedback from industry-wide surveys and subject matter contributed by a team of experts.

How does CySA+ benefit employees and companies?

There is more to the job of the Cybersecurity Analyst with a CySA+ certification than penetration testing, uncovering and managing vulnerabilities, incident management, and formulating security policy. They may also be responsible for training your work force to be more cyber-secure. When everybody in your company is wired to the internet, every single one of them is vulnerable to a malicious attack on their computer. Receptionists and warehouse staff are as likely a target as your IT or finance departments.

A hacker will poke around your system until they finds a weak spot. If someone in the mailroom or the head chef keeps their password on a sticky note on the side of their terminal, this indicates that they may need some extra coaching in cybersecurity, even though they don't have access to sensitive data. Once inside your network, a hacker can go to town until they find the sensitive information. The CySA+ analyst may be tasked with teaching everyone in your company how to make computer security a natural part of their working day.

Your employees will learn about choosing and regularly changing secure passwords and other skills to use the net safely and protect their workspaces. They will receive instruction on the acceptable use of electronic resources and the risks associated with them, and they will learn how to use a network securely. They may also be taught how to protect their families from cyber-attacks at home. If your CySA+ analyst did nothing but teach your non-IT workers how to stay cyber-safe, they would earn their keep for this alone.

Why are training and certification in cybersecurity important to keeping a business and their information safe on the internet?

Getting a few of your employees trained and certified to CySA+ standard is good for them and good for the business. For your workers, learning new skills improves their prospects for advancement and helps to show them they are valued by the company. Investing in their professional future shows them that you value their contribution and plan to keep them around.

Investing in staff CySA+ training and certification improves business performance, boosts staff morale and contributes to healthier profits. You reduce staff turnover, improved motivation, offer better prospects for your work force, and target skills to meet your company's operational needs.

Then there's the obvious advantage of having people to monitor and protect your computer networks while keeping your staff educated and motivated to maintain safe information system practices. Training more than one individual gives you additional capacity in the event of illness or during vacations and gives you a springboard from which to increase your computer operations.

Getting Started

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