CompTIA A+: When Are My Employees Ready for Certification?

Many employers are now discovering that helping their employees to get CompTIA A+ certification is great to both their businesses and employees. Since it’s difficult to find the perfect applicant for certain IT positions, it is easier to train the current employees and convert them into the right people for the job.

In a recent research, one of the main reasons cited by most employees as to why they leave their jobs is because they never received enough training or have the opportunity to grow. To maintain the skill level of your employees and meet the latest security standards, you should encourage your workers by offering them internationally recognized certificates in the IT field.

Why CompTIA A+?

Success in the IT industry starts with a CompTIA A+ certification, and this makes it essential for employees in your IT department. Because computers have changed the way we conduct business today, your employee computer skills are critical to the continued success of your business. Careers in the IT industry are getting more and more demanding, especially due to the evolving skills, and industry-recognized certifications in IT can help maximize your employee’s performance.

The CompTIA A+ certification is the standard exam for computer technicians. This certification validates the understanding of common hardware and software technologies including configuration, installation, diagnosing, maintenance and basic networking. Your employees will also learn the best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Below are some of the reasons why your employees should get their CompTIA A+ certification:

It is vendor-neutral: A+ provides mastery of technologies found in varied IT environments including mobile and operating systems. Therefore, your employees will have the confidence to handle even the most challenging technology problems.

Other competitors in your niche trust A+: More and more businesses worldwide are adopting mobile and cloud technology, and they trust an A+ certified professional to keep their IT devices and organizations working smoothly.

It is globally recognized and accredited: A+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards.

Signs that your Employees Need CompTIA A+ Certification

Teaching them a new skill: You should provide training to your employees in case you want them to learn a new skill. In case of any changes in technology, you should make your employees ready to embrace it.

Lack basic skills: In case your employees don’t know how to use a machine or a certain program to efficiently do their work, CompTIA A+ training will help close these skill gaps and boost employee motivation.

Signs that your Employees are Ready to Receive CompTIA A+ Training

They don’t have the support they need: Your employees want to feel respected, supported and well-informed. Training will provide them with the support they need for them to complete tasks efficiently.

They don’t know how to apply their knowledge: More and more employers are turning to corporate training because it adds realism and practicality. Therefore, instead of just reading about CompTIA A+ ideas, your employees will learn how to put their knowledge and skills into practice. This training also enables them to master skills and to apply the information they acquire.

They are requesting training: This is an obvious sign that your employees need training. If your workers are requesting for training during meetings or sending hints through the suggestion box, then you can be sure that they are ready to undertake this course. However, it’s advisable that you first conduct a detailed analysis to determine their preferred tech tools and technology comfort levels.

Benefits of Certifying Your Employees

  • Investing in employee CompTIA A+ certification shows that the business is interested in being the best it can be, and your employees will remain happy. This, in turn, will lead to increased productivity.
  • Paying for employee training is tax deductible.
  • It proves to your clients that your employees are on the cutting edge of the industry, which increases their confidence in the value of the final product. This also leads to repeat business.
  • You will have peace of mind that your employees are well trained on how to use the latest technologies in their line of business. Therefore, they will be more dedicated to completing their final projects or product and exceed the minimum requirements.

CompTIA certification helps you to build a strong workforce and ensure that your employees have the necessary skills to get the job done right. Visit Infotec today and learn how you can keep your IT team productive.

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