CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Course Outline for Your IT Workers

The need for businesses of all sizes to employ advanced cyber security measures and personnel is growing by the day. Cyber threats are evolving by the minute, getting ever so complex and potentially catastrophic. A report filed by Reuters shows that a single coordinated global cyber-attack has the potential to cause between $85-195 billion worth of damage.

As more and more businesses realize the incredible benefits of hosting part or entirety of their operations online, this is a grim reality they have to face up to. In response, businesses are seeking to employ highly knowledgeable IT professionals with advanced expertise in cyber security.

Alternatively, employers are encouraging and incentivizing their employees to take up higher certifications such as CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) so as to face up to the modern business environment. If you are wondering how the CASP course can improve the expertise of your IT workers, here are some pointers.

What is CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Course?

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Course (CASP) is an advanced certification designed for experienced IT professionals. The general aim of the certification is to help these experienced IT practitioners implement cyber security protocols better and in line with emerging threats.

It is based on the understanding that these professionals already comprehend the different types of systems and are able to implement them on a business-conscious level. The next step for them is to bring their expertise to the C-level by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to manage risk while still implementing enterprise level solutions to server wide challenges. This course equips your IT workers with the skills needed to identify, address and deter current threats as well as anticipate future threats with business conscious solutions.

Why is it Important to Have CASP Certified IT Workers?

It is a well-known fact that businesses now must take cyber security very seriously. Every business must institute policies and practices that protect its critical assets from cyber-attacks. However, this is a rapidly evolving concern for every business and without good understanding of what the business is dealing with, costs can quickly rack up and defeat the business case for cyber security measures.

As businesses continue to seek new solutions for cyber threats and seek new talents to help them implement these solutions, they must do so with a plan. Devoid of this, businesses would rack up costs on redundant solutions while leaving themselves exposed by missing the bigger picture.

CASP validates all the technical skills and knowledge required to develop, design and implement solutions across various complex business environments. The course then goes a step further to help the leader use critical thinking and judgment skills across a broad range of IT security disciplines. With this training, your IT professionals should be in a position to develop and implement cyber security solutions that not only map enterprise drivers but also manage risk.

On top of that, the course is vendor neutral. Therefore, your employees can work with software and hardware from various sources as need be. It is also compliant under the Federal Information Security Act which is almost a requirement for a business that works with the government.

How Does this Certification Improve a Business?

According to a report published by Forbes, the global cost of cybercrime is projected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. The scariest thing is that cyber threats are not sparing any business or industry. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to consolidate your cyber security efforts to protect your business.

Through CASP, your employees are equipped with critical transferable skills such as critical thinking and judgment to help them have a grasp of the bigger picture. Additionally, it gives them the ability to understand the ever changing nature of cyber threats as well as to develop business conscious solutions. This helps to consolidate the IT department and its security efforts alongside the business objectives.

Among the key areas your employees will be trained and tested on include;

  • Enterprise risk
  • Security research and analysis
  • Risk management
  • Communication and business

In a rapidly evolving business environments, this is the next step for your IT workers.

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